Akshay Kumar opened up about his citizenship

Akshay Kumar at Zee Film TV HD
Akshay Kumar reacted on his citizenship

However, Akshay has previously spoken openly about his citizenship. On an earlier episode of Koffee With Karan 7, Karan Johar questioned the actor if he ever gets trolled. Akshay immediately responded that he rarely uses the internet. “They at most write about Canada. Which I don’t care about,” he continued. “Yeah Canada Kumar, Okay call me that,” Akshay said when Karan said, “The trolls call you Canada Kumar.” Akshay declared in a recent interview that he is an Indian and always will be.

Akshay Kumar, who is frequently criticized as “Canada Kumar,” acknowledged that he maintains his Canadian citizenship while paying taxes in India. Akshay faced criticism in 2019 after he applied for Canadian citizenship and failed to cast his ballot in the Lok Sabha elections. After his films did not go well, the actor stated that he was thinking about migrating to Canada.

“A few years back, my films weren’t doing well,” Akshay stated in a conversation with Lallantop. I figured I should definitely move abroad and work there after over 14–15 of my films failed. He disclosed that one of his buddies had made the suggestion to move to Canada and live there. Many people relocate there for employment, but they continue to be of Indian descent. Therefore, I also thought that I should take action if fate is not helping me in this situation. I went there, submitted an application, and was granted citizenship,” Akshay continued.

But after achieving success in India once more, he changed his mind. I’ve got a passport. Explain the passport. It is a document required for international travel. I am an Indian, so I pay all of my taxes here. I can choose to pay it there as well, but I choose to pay them here. I labour for my nation. Many people have the right to express themselves publicly. I would just like to let them know that I am an Indian and I always will be, he continued.

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