Anupama 11th August 2022 episode written update

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Vanraj and Anuj’s health is still severe, but the doctor tells Shahs and Kapadias that they are being moved to the intensive care unit (ICU). Little Anu envisions Vanraj and Anuj coming home and playing with her as they put their differences aside. She is smiling in her dream, and Pakhi, Kinjal, and Dolly hope she is having a pleasant dream. Little Anu calls Anuj and Vanraj as she wakes up and wants to meet Anupama. Dolly asks her to go back to sleep while she watches Anuj and Vanraj re-catch up with her. Little Anu, little falls back asleep.

Anupama observes Anuj through the glass window of the ICCU. Pakhi observes Vanraj. Morey Naina’s song is playing in the background. They both had fond memories of their husbands. Imagine the Shahs and Kapadias spending quality time together. Samar begs God to protect Vanraj and Anuj. He believes Hasmukh was correct when he stated that when a person is in the hospital, they are not rich nor poor, but simply a patient.

Anupama says in the hospital, one’s status is meaningless and that everyone is at the mercy of God. She claims Anuj is not like Vanraj, yet when they are fighting for their lives, they both appear the same. The doctor arrives and advises them that their condition has worsened and that if they do not become conscious within 48 hours, they would be unable to survive. Hearing that, they all start crying.

Kavya believes Vanraj and Anuj should not have gone to the cliff because they will do something terrible. She recalls how she became suspicious when Vanraj did not answer her phone call and followed Anuj to the cliff, where she observed both Vanraj and Anuj standing at the cliff’s edge without shouting, worrying they would slip and fall. She hurried towards them when her sari became entangled in the bushes, but when she turned around, she couldn’t see them both and contacted the cops.

Ankush questions why she created suspense when she knows nothing. He claims she is confident Vanraj is to responsible for the incident. Leela, Toshu, and Samar dispute with him that Vanraj is merely expressing his rage and cannot harm anyone. Adhik claims that when someone is angry, they lose their senses, particularly Vanraj. Hasmukh requests that they end their disagreement, but they continue.

Anupama tells them to stop arguing and making up their own stories since they don’t know why Vanraj pushed Anuj off a cliff; whatever happened today is due to the conflicts between the two families. She requests that Kavya report anything she witnesses to the police. But, as Ankush points out, Anupama claims Vanraj cannot kill someone and only speaks; she believes it was an accident and advises them to pray for their life. She receives a voice message from Little Anu saying that she saw Anuj and Vanraj in her nightmares and asked to God to heal them soon. She expresses gratitude to Anu. Samar brings her water and collapses. Anupama calms him, saying that time does not stand still and that just as good times come and go, so will difficult times; everything will return to normal.

The doctor says that Vanraj Shah is responding to treatment and will be moved to the ICU under close surveillance. They are all thankful to God. Anuj is mentioned by Anupama. According to the doctor, Anuj is still critically unwell and is not responding to treatment. Hearing that, Anupama becomes drowsy. Hasmukh advises her to be patient and to put her faith in God. Anupama claims that while both Anuj and Vanraj fell from the cliff, Vanraj is responding to treatment but Anuj is not. Leela reassures her. Anupama stares out the window at Anuj and remembers their precious time together. The theme song from Serial is playing in the background.

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