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Shah peers through the ICU’s glass window at Vanraj. Kavya notices Vanraj moving and remarks, Vanraj is becoming aware. Samar claims he is still unconscious and appears to be bothered by something. Vanraj has a dream about the occasion in which he leads Anuj to the edge. Anuj inquires as to why he brought him here. Vanraj inquires whether he is afraid. Anuj claims to be terrified of himself. Vanraj claims that messing with him is difficult and that Anuj may lose his life. Anuj recalls a similar meeting at a similar location earlier.

Vanraj reminds him that he told him not to act as the father of his children at the time. Anuj says he fulfilled his pledge and asks if he has anything else to say before returning to his family. Vanraj claims that this is a war for the family; he has seen people steal wealth, but Anuj is the first to steal a family; he was alone during the festival because of Anuj.

Anuj claims that Vanraj has no idea how to form or maintain relationships. Vanraj thinks Anuj to get away from his family. Anuj believes that every rational and calm individual would choose to avoid the Shahs. Vanraj claims he does not want both families to meet. Anuj says he wants the same thing and wants the families to gather during festivals and activities. Vanraj wishes for them to severe their ties permanently. Anuj inquires if Vanraj is relocating to the North Pole and states that it is difficult to entirely cut links. Vanraj becomes sure that his family will never encounter the Kapadias again.

Anuj questions who he is to impose his decision on others. Vanraj claims that his children and parents must accept his decision. Anuj quips that Vanraj does not obey his father and expects his children to do so. Vanraj warns him to cease the nonsense. Anuj requests that he quit his nonsense. Vanraj accuses Anuj of stealing his entire family, his peace of mind, and ruining his life. Anuj inquires whether Vanraj deceived Anupama after his arrival, whether he had an affair with Kavya after his arrival, and whether he divided Samar from himself after his arrival.

Vanraj’s condition worsens. A doctor attends to him and gives an injection. Kavya becomes terrified when she sees his condition. Kavya is encouraged to think positively by Anupama. Kavya wonders where she gets her energy. Anupama wonders who will look after Anuj and Little Anupama if she becomes unwell. She says they have to create trust for themselves, therefore she should trust that nothing bad will happen to Vanraj and Anuj. Anupama receives a phone call from the doctor, informing her that Anuj requires brain surgery to remove blood clots.

Ankush questions if there are any alternative options because the surgery is risky. The doctor explains that if the clots are not removed, Anuj’s life may be jeopardised, thus they must make a decision within two hours or else the operation option will be lost. Anupama agrees to the procedure and pleads that her husband be saved. She looks at Anuj through the glass pane. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background. She believes that since the toughest difficulties couldn’t hurt Anuj, this operation won’t either.

Anuj is being prepared for surgery. Anupama recalls spending meaningful time with him. The song Do Pal Ruka Yaadon Ka Karwaan is playing in the background. Anupama instructs Anuj to continue breathing. Anupama sobs outside the OT, pleading with God to protect her Anuj. The operation begins. Vanraj becomes aware. Ankush inquires of Adhik about the whereabouts of Barkha. Adhik claims to have no notion. Ankush claims that a major accident occurred, but Barkha is absent; the Shahs will inquire. Adhik claims that they are all aware that Vanraj is somehow involved in this accident. Ankush asks if he has any sense, whether he means Vanraj pushed Anuj and then slid down the cliff out of shame. He pledges that if Barkha is implicated in this, he will not spare her.

Vanraj has recovered consciousness, and they can now meet him one by one, according to the nurse. Samar turns to face Anupama. Anupama invites him to see his grandpa. Vanraj is still thinking about the accident. The doctor tells him that he is safe at the hospital. He gives him an injection and warns him that he may become drowsy. Vanraj begins to feel sleepy. Keela and Hasmukh are the first to meet Vanraj and become emotional. Kavya comforts Toshu and assures him that Vanraj is alright. Adhik asks Ankush if he should arrange for Anuj’s electric cremation. Ankush warns him to keep quiet because Anuj is his brother. Ankush advises him to think practically because Anuj may die. Ankush assures him that his brother will be OK. Adhik claims that they will not travel till Anuj recovers.

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