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Anupama thanks them as she looks at her, Anuj, and Little Anu’s pictures. She imagines Anuj asking whether she misses him; he is just on the other side of the door and hasn’t left her life. She threatens him with a belan/roti roller if he leaves. Anuj claims that she has only now comprehended why her father used to take pledges from her and warn her; that she should keep those vows; God helps true people. He thinks she looks lovely in the photos. He claims to be more attractive and understands it was all in her head. She believes she will not feel exhausted, and he should pledge that he would not accept defeat and will fight to the death. Anuj’s health remains critical.

Adhik asks of Pakhi whether Vanraj was angry. Pakhi, who is seated alongside him and has her head on his shoulder, agrees. Adhik believes Vanraj should have threatened Anuj at the time. Pakhi wonders if Vanraj tried to kill Anuj and if anyone would threaten him in fury. Adhik claims it was not an accident and that the truth will be revealed once Anuj awakens. Pakhi wonders what will happen if Anuj does not recover consciousness. Anuj’s condition continues to worsen. Doctors attempt to revive him. Anupama motivates him to fight.

Leela approaches Anupama and tells her that Vanraj will never be wrong, that his life has been damaged since he divorced Anupama, as she sees no flaw in her son, and so on, and begs her not to hand up Vanraj to the police. Anupama consoles her and brings her a glass of water. Barkha then moves over to Anupama. Anupama sobs while hugging her. Barkha questions why Anuj was admitted to this basic hospital rather than a high-five hospital; the doctors here do not appear competent.

Anupama says the doctors are nice here. Leela claims that they revived Vanraj. Barkha claims she would have brought Anuj to the United States for treatment. Anupama claims that because the majority of doctors in the United States are mostly from India, they would pray for Anuj rather than engage in this debate. She prays there while little Anu prays at home.

The doctor leaves OT and notifies Anupama and the others that the surgery went smoothly. Ankush inquires about the outcome of the surgery. Only after the patient regains consciousness will the surgery be considered successful, according to the doctor. He believes there’s a chance he’ll go into a coma after recovering awareness, or perhaps before that; they’ve removed the blood clots surrounding his brain and are hoping for the best. Anupama inquires about the likelihood of recovery in his opinion. According to the doctor, only time will tell. Anupama prays to God while remembering Anuj’s Shayari/poem.

Anupama stares at Anuj through the ICU glass window and questions the doctor if he will wake up. Anuj is not in a coma, said the doctor, but anything could happen. Leela is the first to pray for Anuj’s recovery, followed by Kavya and Hasmukh. Hasmukh tells Anupama to go home and relax because she hasn’t slept since the previous night. Anupama refuses to go. Anuj is alone and instead requests that they return home and rest. Anupama receives a call from Little Anu, who demands that she show Anuj. Anupama demonstrates to Anuj. Little Anu says, “I love you, papa,” and tells Anupama that she is safe.

Barkha returns home with Ankush. GK serves them tea. GK is instructed by Barkha to cook breakfast for them. She plots against Anuj, hoping that if he doesn’t recover in a year, they may take over his firm. Kavya questions Anupama about Vanraj’s conversation with her and whether he is responsible for Anuj’s accident. Anupama resists and believes she lied to Samar and Kavya, but the reason is Vanraj.

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