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Barkha asks why there isn’t a police investigation into a fatal accident involving a successful businessman. She claims there is a plan against her devar and seeks a police investigation. Kavya claims that there isn’t a need for a police inquiry because she was present and no crime happened. Kavya is unsure, according to Barkha, because her husband attempted to murder Anuj. Toshu wonders if she means Vanraj threw Anuj off the cliff and then fell himself. According to Barkha, the truth will be revealed as a result of the police inquiry.

Leela urges her to stop falsely blaming her son. Barkha says her son will face the repercussions of his actions, and that when Vanraj brought Anuj to a cliff to kill him, he couldn’t do anything correctly in life, as he couldn’t push Anuj down the cliff and himself slipped off. She says she wants her devar to wake up and tell her the truth. Leela says that Barkha is responsible for Anuj’s fortune. Anupama intervenes and requests that Kavya call a car and take Barkha and Leela to a wrestling ring to fight. Kavya claims that Barkha is blaming Vanraj. Barkha knows that Vanraj will be convicted for attempting to murder Anuj and that if Vanraj’s family tries to defend him, she would also imprison them.

Anupama requests her to stop. Barkha claims Anupama does not wish to leave her ex-husband though after divorce and continues to defend Shahs even when they verbally abuse her; she does not respect Anuj’s family and is only concerned with her ex-inlaws. She accuses Anupama of being unable to break up with the Shahs and get on with Anuj because she has a soft spot for Vanraj Shah. She wonders why she married Anuj when she still loves Vanraj Shah so much.

Anupama is surprised to hear this and informs Barkha she should thank God that she is at a hospital and not at home, otherwise, she would have responded appropriately. She claims that her personal life and troubles are between herself and her husband, but if she doesn’t allow air to intervene between them, who is she to intervene? Barkha has stated that she will. Anupama claims she is free to do anything she wants outside of the facility. Barkha claims she is disrespecting her jethani.

Kavya asks whether she was loving her devrani. Toshu observes that people communicate according to their mental state. Adhik screams, “How could he speak about his sister!” Ankush urges them to stop fighting. Kavya questions why he remained silent when his wife accused them. Both families accuse each other as the argument continues. Hasmukh requests that they cease their impolite behaviour in the hospital.

Barkha insists on a police inquiry and warns Anupama if she tries to defend Vanraj. Anupama answers the phone and goes to Anuj’s ICU room. She smiles when she sees him open his eyes. Shahs are pleased to see him regaining consciousness via a glass pane, while Kapadias are concerned. The song Ek Duje Ke Waastey… is playing in the background. Anuj shakes his head and closes his eyes again. Anupama speaks out, pleading with him to wake up. Anuj blinks open his eyes and calls her name. Anupama smiles and takes his hand in hers. The song Tum Hi Ho Hamari Hai Manzil My Love… is playing in the background.

Barkha believes that if Anuj had gone into a coma, she would have had the opportunity to take over Anuj’s company, but destiny is still on Anuj and Anupama’s side. She suggests that before Anuj loses consciousness, Anupama confirms that Vanraj attempted to murder him. Anupama expresses her feelings for Anuj. He responds, “I love you, too.” He gives everyone outside a thumbs up, then has a flashback to the accident and calls Vanraj’s name.

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