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Anuj is moved to his room by Anupama. Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi… A song is playing in the background. Wardboys bring up medical equipment and ask Anupama whether she understands how things work. She nods in agreement. They depart. She recites a shayari for Anuj, implying that she will take care of his work, house, festivities, and everything else until he recovers. She calls Little Anu to confess her feelings for him. Anu walks in and climbs into her lap. Anupama asks her to take their picture and a selfie.

She then requests Little Anu avoid visiting Papa’s chamber without her consent. Little Anu agrees. A nurse enters. Anupama walks away, asking her to look after Anuj for a moment. Anupama enters the living room, where Barkha informs her that she hired a third-class nurse and should send her away because she hired a nurse and a doctor who could visit Anuj twice a day, she doesn’t have to worry about the business because Ankush and Adhik will handle it, and she will take over the office if necessary. Everyone is staring at her. Barkha says she doesn’t have to worry about Anuj or his business; if necessary, she will send Anuj’s report to the United States.

Anupama assures Barkha that she need not be afraid about Anuj because she is present to handle him and is in good mental health. Barkha claims she was Anuj’s life before Anupama arrived. Anupama claims she has been Anuj’s life mate for seven lives. Barkha claims that she must be Vanraj’s partner for seven lives. Anupama claims her connection with Vanraj ended in this life, and she wonders if she recalls what tomorrow is. Barkha relates to the Janmashtami festival. Anupama claims that tomorrow is Anuj’s birthday according to Tithi, and she intends to celebrate Anuj’s birthday in spectacular style. GK claims Anuj has a new life and that they will celebrate his birthday. Hasmukh, Samar, and Toshu are on their side. Barkha inquires whether dance and music are required tomorrow. Anupama believes it is vitally necessary.

Adhik receives Pakhi’s message and rushes to meet her. Pakhi expresses concern for Vanraj and Ankush and expresses her desire for Adhik. He asks questions whether she truly misses him. She claims that after the accident, she learnt that life has no guarantees and that Adhik is her most valuable possession. Anupama learns how to use a smartwatch from Samar and admits that she, too, is human and may struggle with time management. Hasmukh and GK agree that women should teach them about multitasking and time management. Anupama believes they must celebrate Anuj’s birthday so that he experiences FOMO/fear of missing out and awakens from his coma.

Barkha requests  Anupama to sign a few checks. Anupama wonders what these are for. Ankush claims that they are new project cheques that he is in charge of. Anupama refuses to sign them till Anuj wakes up because she heard Anuj was skeptical of the clients and refused to sign the deal. Barkha inquires as to whether she trusts Ankush. Anupama says she will not approve the transaction if Anuj refuses to sign it. GK claims Anuj discussed it with him. Barkha shouts at GK if she has to keep reminding him that he is a servant. Anupama says that if she has to keep reminding her that GK is the senior of this family and that she should respect him, Anuj views GK to be a father figure. If Barkha cannot comprehend that, her USA degrees are useless.

Anupama is more concerned about GK’s dignity than theirs, according to Barkha. Ankush claims they are discussing business, and Anupama has no business knowledge. Anupama claims that whatever common sense she possesses is sufficient for the business. If she will explain herself and Ankush, Barkha yells. Anupama silences her hearing alarm and walks away to give Anuj medicine. The nurse assures Anupama that she will be OK. Anupama said she will still come for peace of mind. Little Anu communicates with her.

Adhik and Pakhi hug and swear to stay together no matter what happens. Anupama is back with Barkha and Ankush. Barkha accuses her of thinking she owns the Kapadia empire because Anuj gave her signature authority. Anupama believes it is incorrect. Ankush asks if she wants to prove that only she is concerned about Anuj and that they are unimportant to Anuj. Anupama claims she is acting in the same manner as Anuj since nothing is more important to her than Anuj. Barkha laughs and claims that if she truly loved her husband, she would not have defended Vanraj, who tried to murder Anuj. Anupama claims she is thinking incorrectly. Barkha claims that, just as Anupama does not trust them, they do not trust her and are afraid that Anupama and Vanraj will rob the Kapadia enterprise. Ankush believes Barkha is correct.

An argument ensues. Barkha claims she and Ankush have chosen to employ a nurse for Anuj and install a CCTV camera to monitor Anuj’s condition because they don’t trust Anupama. She becomes adamant that she will make a police report against Vanraj. Anupama requests that Samar summon an auto for Barkha. Barkha says she’ll drive herself. Anupama claims the car belongs to her husband and that the keys are with her; why would Barkha make such a request from a nasty woman? She warns them that she understands how to run her house and doesn’t need Barkha or anyone else’s help and that if she tries to bother her, she will be compelled to carry out the choice Anuj made and planned to announce after the festival. Barkha and Ankush are taken aback by her appropriate response.

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