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The doctor examines Anuj and informs Anupama that he is in a minimally conscious condition and can hear, see, and sense things around him. He claims that if his eyes are open, his prospects of recovery are good, so she should surround him with only happiness to ensure his quick recovery. Anupama thanks him and God and begs if she might accompany Anuj to his birthday and the Janmamasti celebration. The doctor agrees. Anupama is overjoyed.

Pakhi video chats with Adhik, expressing her worries about Vanraj’s new behaviour and his insistence on seeing Anuj. Adhik thinks it’s a good plan and that it will enhance relations between the two families, believing that Barkha will embarrass Vanraj if he comes here. Pakhi expresses her dissatisfaction with Vanraj’s visit, stating that she believes he should wait until Anuj recovers and everything returns to normal before addressing Barkha’s misunderstanding of Vanraj. Adhik agrees with her and says he would go sit with Anuj. Pakhi says she didn’t like his misbehaving with her family at the hospital and that she loves him but doesn’t agree with anything he’s done. Adhik apologises and says he can’t hear anything negative about Barkha and asks her to give him one more chance. He hangs up the phone, thinking he should be more cautious because he can’t make her furious.

Anupama requests over the phone that Anuj’s associate send her project file and mail for review and approval. Little Anu dresses up like Kanhaji. Anupama lavishes her with attention. Little Anu wonders if Nanu papa/family Hasmukh’s will pay them a visit. Anupama remains silent. Little Anu says everything is OK and goes to greet GK. Barkha approaches Anupama and says she can invite Shahs since Vanraj is excited to see her. Anupama warns her to stop, stating that there are already many family members present, as well as dancers, so she can celebrate the event without the Shahs.

Barkha claims she can include staff. Anupama advises her to watch what she says or Janmasti will turn into Durgastami for her. She invites her to prepare for the pooja if she so desires. Anupama then gets back on the phone with an office associate. Barkha frowns even more, hoping Vanraj will arrive to ruin the festivities.Shahs plan the Janmastami festival. Hasmukh receives a call from Anupama, who informs him that both families are celebrating Janmastami for the first time separately, but their hearts are united, and so on. Vanraj believes he must visit Anuj at all costs. The police come to them. Vanraj becomes tense when he sees police. Kavya wonders why Vanraj is tense if he hasn’t done anything. Hasmukh claims to be Mr Shah. Inspector claims it is for other purposes. Shah Leela believes Barkha finally filed a police case against her son. Inspector claims he has come to see Mr Sundarlal Shah. Sundarlal stays in the next lane, according to Hasmukh. Inspector departs.

Anuj is cleaned and groomed by Anupama. The song Bawri Piya Ki.. is playing in the background. She then dresses him in Kanhaji’s clothes. Kavya places a crown on Vanraj and declares him to be her Kanha and her Radha. Vanraj claims to be in a bad mood. Vanraj sits motionless looking at the door, reliving Anupama’s remarks, as Kavya tries to cheer him up. Leela makes an attempt to cheer him up. Kavya watches him glancing at the door and wonders whether he wants to go to Anuj’s. Barkha displays Ankush’s business seal and informs Anupama and Anuj that they must leave the residence today. Ankush threatens Anupama with retaliation for criticising him. Anupama dresses Anuj in Kanhaji’s outfit and wishes him a happy birthday. She claims she will prepare so nicely for his birthday that he will be stunned by her beauty. He drops the bansuri/flute that she is holding. To cheer up Vanraj, the Shahs play a janmastami game. Anupama informs Anuj that he will hold his bansuri today and that he will be able to hold a magnet today. She goes to prepare herself. Anuj’s eyes well up with tears.

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