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Leela does Anuj’s Nazar and requests that Anupama conduct his Nazar on a daily basis. Hasmukh claims that God gave Anuj new life. Anuj thinks it’s because of Vanraj. Vanraj claims that in this situation, anyone would have done the same. Anuj claims that not everyone, even close friends, reveals their true colors in times of stress; his brother deceived him, while his adversary supported him. Vanraj claims that Anuj would have done the same. Anupama expresses gratitude to Vanraj for saving Anuj’s life.

Ankush’s tongue lashes Barkha for her conspiracy’s failure. Barkha questions why he backed off as she was preparing legal documentation. Ankush says they’ll be on the road soon. Little Anu thinks mustache uncle/Vanraj looks good when he’s not furious. Vanraj claims they can make fun of him. Anuj advises him to control his temper and avoid fighting now that he has a new lease on life.

Rakhi mocks Barkha, saying she should be ashamed of herself. Barkha tells her to stop talking. Anupama, according to Rakhi, destroyed Barkha’s plan. Barkha claims she would have won if Anuj hadn’t awoken from his coma due to his good fortune. Rakhi claims that Anupama is Anuj’s good fortune, that Anuj will not spare her family now, and that they will soon be on some temple stairs. The Shahs decide to depart. GK promises to bring them sweets adorned by Little Anu.

Leela mocks Nagin/Rakhi and Barkha, saying that they both seem like soul sisters and that Rakhi should live with Barkha in this mansion. Rakhi jokes that Barkha will have to leave the house and that Little Anu will sing Rain Rain Go Away… Barkha screams at her for daring to offend her in her own home. Leela lashes out at Barkha for her plot and declares that Anuj will not spare her. Kavya and Hasmukh tell her to relax. Rakhi and the Shah family receive return gifts from GK. Vanraj mocks Ankush and Barkha, saying they are a shame in the name of family and must leave Kapadia’s house before Anuj pushes them out; he says he has known Anupama for 26 years she is a genuine person, and no plot can beat her. Ankush informs Barkha that they have completed their work.

Anupama transfers Anuj to his bed. Whatever occurred today, Anuj says. Anupama refuses to speak and rests on his shoulder. Vanraj exercises his leg the next morning. Kavya approaches him and asks if she can assist him. He politely declines. Kavya apologises for not trusting him as a husband. Vanraj explains that one should not believe anything blindly, and thanks her for believing in him despite his doubts. He feels awful for Anuj, who is going through both physical and emotional suffering. Kavya wonders how Anuj will handle it.

Anuj had breakfast with Anupama and Little Anu. Ankush and Barkha enter. Anupama dismisses Little Anu. Ankush and Barkha strive to communicate. Anuj requests that they depart. Barkha claims that they were concerned for him and had reservations about Vanraj. Anuj, they were more concerned with themselves than with Anupama and Little Anu. Barkha and Ankush are concerned that Vanraj may manipulate Anupama and exploit the situation. Anuj claims he doesn’t want to talk to them and begs them to leave. GK reports that the doctor has arrived. Ankush and Barkha leave.

Pakhi confronts Adhik about his sister’s behaviour toward her family. Adhik claims that he has little control over what her sister does, and Pakhi has frequently misinterpreted her family. He asks her not to let their relationship suffer as a result of their family quarrel. She relaxes and agrees. The doctor examines Anuj and tells him that his recovery from coma has been spectacular and that he should avoid stress. Anupama walks out to pick him up. Little Anu is playing with Anuj and wonders what happened to Ankush and Barkha. Ankush claims to be completely stress-free. Anupama inquires with the doctor about the measures to be followed. He warns her that Anuj’s body and mental coordination may take some time, and she should be cautious around him. Ankush and Barkha approach her.

Toshu converses with Vanraj in the Shah residence. Samar approaches him and says, “I’ve never said this before, but I’m proud of you, daddy.” Vanraj gives him an impassioned hug. Samar is proud of himself because hardly everyone risks their lives to rescue the lives of others. Hasmukh claims that his father is also proud of him. They are all hugging as a family. Anupama, Ankush, and Barkha apologise for whatever they done. Anupama claims she doesn’t want to know anything because they overstepped their bounds and she doesn’t want to upset Anuj. They want her to persuade Anuj to let them stay there till they can find another place to stay. Anupama says she won’t because of what they did; Anuj wanted them to go before the accident, and she was doubtful, but he was correct; it’s better if they stay away from us.

Ankush asks where they will take Sara and Adhik. Anupama claims that Anuj’s choice is final and that she cannot modify it; they should quit acting like victims after conspiring to steal her business empire and character assassinating her. She claims that the doctor instructed her not to stress Anuj, therefore she wants to focus on his health and happiness because she can no longer assist them.

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