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Anupama is pleased to see Little Anu’s handcrafted rakhi. Little Anu claims to have learned in an ashram. Anuj asks whether she would like to send some to the ashram. Little Anu promises to make some for her nanu papa/Hasmukh, Toshu, Samar, and Vanraj, as well as Anuj and Anupama. Anuj wonders why they are there. Little Anu explains that Nanu Papa instructed them to tie rakhi to those who protect them. She inquires if they will go to Nanu Papa’s house tomorrow. Anupama said they will observe the occasion at home because it is her first in this residence. Anu is overjoyed. Vanraj urges his family at Shah House that they should forget about what occurred today and focus on the rakhi festival. He claims that youngsters make errors and then cry and that they should stop talking about it before Pakhi becomes depressed and takes severe measures to relieve her guilt. Leela completely agrees.

Raksha Bandhan pooja is performed in the residences of the Shahs and Kapadias. The Shahs appear depressed, whilst the Kapadias appear cheerful. Little Anu ties a rakhi around Kanhaji’s idol, while Pakhi does the opposite. Barkha takes anxiety medications. Ankush inquires as to what she is up to. Barkha is concerned about what Anuj will reveal today. Ankush hopes that Anuj and Anupama are so happy that Anuj forgets to make the announcement today. Barkha, on the other hand, feels they can’t get away from it and is quite concerned. Anuj notices them from afar.

Jignesh, Vanraj, and Toshu receive rakhi from Leela, Dolly, and Pakhi. Kinjal is waiting for Samar. Leela speculates that his train may be late. Toshu promises that they would bind him rakhi whenever he arrives. Dolly sobs and adds that for the first time in 26 years, her bhabhi is not at home during the festival. She claims they were wrong to humiliate Anupama and send her out of the house, and she does not feel good about celebrating without Anupama. Vanraj believes that it is not required for a few things to continue for years; the Kapadia family is now Anupama’s family. Pakhi claims that both families belong to Anupama and that they would have gladly enjoyed the occasion together if Vanrj had not stopped her from disrespecting Anupama.

Dolly says she will pay Anupama a visit if she is unable to travel here. Vanraj, whether she’s insane to go there after what happened yesterday. Kavya responds, “So what, Anuj prevented Anupama from coming here,” but they can attend, and the festival is the ideal way to repair the issues between relationships. She asks Pakhi whether she has recognized her error and if she wants the festival to be completed.

Little Anu waits with her rakhi, wondering when the Shahs will arrive. Anuj suggests she can bind rakhi to him this time because they are probably busy. Samar enters, carrying a large teddy bear. A fresh change occurred. Samar said he couldn’t miss his first rakhi with the blessings of his tiny sister and mother. Anupama embraces him. Samar considers festivals to be parties, thus everyone should dance. He dances and entertains everyone before hugging Anupama once more. Anupama expresses gratitude for his presence. Samar claims he is usually on her team; he heard about what happened yesterday and came straight from the station. Little Anu thanks him for coming as well. Samar claims that their happiness would be incomplete until he arrives. Anupama gives him another tearful hug. Anuj wipes away his emotional emotions and reminds GK that where there is god, there will be flowers; Samar had no choice but to come here. According to GK, in order to attract goodness, one must be good themselves.

Sara converses with Samar. Anupama goes to the kitchen and cries instead of obtaining water. Anuj approaches her from behind and cracks a joke. He then adds he will not apologize for Pakhi’s error because the entire family is celebrating separately because of one person’s error. Anupama claims that they will forget about everything and celebrate. Little Anu dials Kavya’s number and requests that the speaker be turned on. She wishes everyone a happy Rakhi and tells them that the festival would be incomplete without them, so they should put aside their disagreements and come here soon, as Samar has already arrived. Anupama approaches her and inquires to whom she is speaking. She lies about only playing with the phone and apologizes to Kanhaji for deceiving her mother.

Kavya whips her tongue Shahs believe that a small child is more mature than them. Vanraj wonders what Samar is doing there; Anupama must have called him. Kavya claims that vengeance is in his nature, not Anupama’s. Vanraj claims that her attitude has shifted. Kavya claims to have changed for the better, but he remains the same. Kinjal says she can’t take any more negativity and is going to Anupama. Kavya says she will as well. Toshu tries to stop Kinjal by referencing Little Anu’s presence there, but Dolly stops his mouth with an appropriate response and says she, too, is heading there. Hasmukh and Jignesh join them, and they all leave the house. Pakhi attempts to follow them, but Vanraj prevents her.

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