Anupama 9th Agust 2022 episode written update

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Anuj exits the temple, indicating to Anupama that he will return shortly. Anupama advises Kanhaji to be cautious. Her protective cloth unravels. Ankush follows Anuj’s every step. Vanraj receives a voice message from Anuj informing him that he is on his way. Kavya observes him leaving and remembers Vanraj’s dislike for Anuj. Panditji summons everyone to aarti. Little Anu inquires about Anuj. Anupama promises to arrive and begin aarti. Anuj walks to his automobile, where Vanraj is already seated in the driver’s seat. He takes a seat beside him and requests that he wear his seat belt. Kavya continues to follow Anuj and notices Vanraj driving Anuj’s automobile. She is following them. Vanraj is a reckless driver. Anupama is immersed in thought while she does aarti. Anu, her child, reminds her.

Anupama’s phone rings. Anupama tells Samar to pick it. Inspector speaks up and says us that Anuj’s red car with two men inside went into a ditch, and they are both critically hurt and may not survive. Hearing that, Anupama collapses. She and Ankush drive in the car, recalling Anuj telling her yesterday that tomorrow is his final pooja and the rest of the happenings. She claims that nothing will happen to Anuj. Kavya, who is already on the scene, panics.

Anupama arrives and shouts out Anuj. Leela, along with others, comes and breaks down in fear for Vanraj’s life. Samar sobs while cuddling Toshu. Ankush requests that Samar take Anupaama aside. He asks Kavya how the accident happened since she was already present, and how Anuj’s car is still intact after they both jumped down the cliff. Leela and Toshu both ask her the same question.

Inspector tells them to calm down and says that according to his sources, they both must have gotten out of the car and then fallen off the cliff; his rescue crew has gone down and is retrieving both dead. Anupama alerts him that Anuj and Vanraj are being mentioned. She recites shayari indicating that nothing bad will happen to Anuj until his name is Sindhoor in her hairline, and so on. Samar inquires as to how the inspector knows Anuj and Vanraj fell from the cliff. Inspector Kavya noticed it and notified the police. The entire family interrogates Kavya. Ankush phones Adhik and wonders where he has gone. V V, says Kavya. Vanraj and Anuj’s bodies were in separate ambulances.

Kinjal and Pakhhi console each other after receiving the dreadful news. Jignesh assures them that God would deliver them the good news. The bodies of Anuj and Vanraj are removed from the ambulance. Anupama and Kavya rush towards them, but they are stopped by the cops. The inspector orders them to proceed to City Hospital, where the bodies are being transported. Anupama inquires if they are still alive. A member of the rescue squad reports that their pulse is working, but they are gravely hurt.

Anupama expresses gratitude to Kanhaji. Kinjal receives Toshu’s news that Anuj and Vanraj have been located. Dolly explains how to tell a tiny child that her papa… In exchange for her toys, Anu begs God to protect her father and moustache uncle and send them back home. Pakhi sobs while hugging her. Anu, her little sister, consoles her.

Anupama arrives at City Hospital with others and inquires about Anuj and Vanraj with the receptionist. The receptionist informs them that their condition is critical and that they will be sent to the emergency ward. Anupama requests to visit them only once. The receptionist says she can’t and suggests she wait for the doctor’s update. Anupama recites a shayari about intejaar/intezar/waiting in her head.

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