Elon Musk has a secret Instagram account: See full details

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Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and one of the most popular public figures, has acknowledged having a secret Instagram account. Ironically, Musk has 102.9 million Twitter followers while only having 54 followers on his personal Instagram account. Musk discussed a variety of topics during a podcast interview with the NELK boys, including aliens and his disastrous Twitter transaction. When the conversation finally turned to social media, Musk acknowledged having an Instagram account that is hidden from his Twitter followers.

In the podcast, Musk not only discussed his Instagram secret account but also referred to it as a “thirst trap.” “Instagram is a thirst trap on another level. I noticed that I was taking a lot of selfies and other things and thought, “What the f**k, man? I’m doing this, but why? Then, it was all about taking selfies and gaining more likes “said Musk. The video of Musk discussing his Instagram account was widely distributed on Twitter. Musk corrected a Twitter user who claimed he had no followers on the social media platform and said that he actually has close to 54.

Musk did, however, make it clear that he only uses Twitter to interact with people. He claimed that having a single focused outlet makes things easier to be more productive. More than 102 million people follow Musk on Twitter at the moment.

It’s interesting to note that just a few days ago, Musk was negotiating a 44 billion deal to buy Twitter. However, just as he was about to take control of the website, Musk withdrew. He claimed that microblogging hid information about spam accounts. Twitter also sued Musk for abandoning the agreement.

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