I feel I am generally a bit underrated and more of an underdog: Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor has stated that he is an underrated actor and an “underdog,” and that people regard him as a mainstream hero. Arjun stated that he has an unapologetically filmy attitude off camera, but he also values cinema’s purity.

“I feel I am generally a bit underrated and more of an underdog when it comes to performance,” Arjun Kapoor told Indian Express. People think I’m a better mainstream hero. But I guess it’s the culture and nature of this business, where sometimes, because of your lineage, or the kind of expressive nature you have off camera where you’re unabashedly filmy, and I am kind of unapologetically that, that takes precedence over your regard for the purity of cinema. “However, I have both in equal measure.”

The actor further asserted that while the craft is discussed in the media and on social media, few people are actually knowledgeable about it. The inability to speak about craft at the moment is the issue. When it comes to the media or social media in general about an actor, I haven’t heard a single person actually have a conversation about craft. People who talk about craft, in my opinion, don’t actually understand it. They have mastered the simple craft of clickbait, which entails complaining about everything. Writing two lines that make logical sense is more difficult. Critics and capitalism must eventually converge more, he told the daily.

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