‘I personally wish that he (Virat Kohli) scores a century; not against us’: Pakistan all-rounder Shadab Khan

Virat Kohli and Shadab Khan

In the Asia Cup game between India and Pakistan on Sunday, August 28, all-arounder Shadab Khan of Pakistan stated that his team did not want former India skipper Virat Kohli to play lengthy innings.

Pakistan all-rounder, in a press conference, said: “They (the former cricketers) don’t play anymore, that’s why they think that he doesn’t instil fear. He (Kohli) is a legend of the game, he has performed quite a lot. Whenever he comes, you are a bit scared because he is a big player. We don’t want him to play a long innings against us.”

Shadab went on to add that he wants Kohli to hit a century but hopes it doesn’t come against his team. “I pray that he returns to how he was. He is performing well even now, but the standards that he has set.. they make it feel as if he is out of form. I personally wish that he scores a century; not against us, but against some team else in this tournament.”

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