Microsoft is paying off 200 more employees

Microsoft buildings in EU

Microsoft is apparently laying off 200 more staffers from its team dedicated to regaining consumer trust. According to Business Insider, the software behemoth is urging some of its employees to find another job or accept severance pay. Microsoft recently laid off 1800 employees as part of a restructuring process, however, the corporation stated at the time that it will hire more people soon.

The article claims that information on the conclusion of its Modern Life initiative was posted on LinkedIn by a senior designer. The author of the article said that the Modern Life Experiences team had received “bad news” this week. Note that the corporation hasn’t provided any formal information on the matter.

As part of its structural modifications, Microsoft fired 1800 workers last month from various countries. “Today, there were only a few role eliminations. Like all businesses, we regularly assess our business goals and make structural changes as necessary, Microsoft stated in a statement. It should be noted that the layoffs represent less than 1% of Microsoft’s nearly 1.8 lakh employees.

In order to boost its headcount at the end of the current fiscal year, Microsoft announced it will continue to hire additional staff. Although there were layoffs, the corporation made it apparent that it still intended to invest in our company and increase overall personnel in the coming year.

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