Shoaib Akhtar’s big claim on Cricket legend ‘Sachin Tendulkar’

Sachin Tendulkar celebrates reaching a milestone
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Due to political difficulties between both countries, India and Pakistan have limited their recent matches to international (ICC) and continental (Asia Cup) competitions.

The rivalry between India’s legendary batsman Sachin Tendulkar and Pakistan’s lightning-quick Shoaib Akhtar is possibly the most well-known of all in the history of cricket between the two teams. The two have frequently faced off against one another on the cricket field, and even though they have good regard for one another, their rivalry has remained very heated.

Akhtar has now said that he wasn’t fully aware of Tendulkar’s stature in the world of cricket when he first entered the cricketing scene. Saqlain Mushtaq, a star spinner for Pakistan, was the one who actually informed him of Tendulkar.

“Saqlain suggested Sachin Tendulkar and his reputation to me. I had no idea about him. I was completely immersed in my own universe. I had no idea. I just knew what I was going to do and what the batter was thinking,” Akhtar said in a Star Sports video posted on Sunday.

“The main distinction between your fast bowlers and ours was that we frequently sought out excuses for bowling quickly. When the ball would reverse swing, I used to think, ‘If I get a spell here, I will sprint through the batters.’ I’ll just get those five wickets and help Pakistan win the game. You must be a match-winner in order to be a star. For the nation, we used to win games,” Akhtar added.

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