Vivek Agnihotri’s shocking comments on Bollywood

Vivek Agnihotri

Bollywood is allegedly planning a campaign against The Kashmir Files’ Oscar submission, according to Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. On Twitter, the director recently attacked Anurag Kashyap and said that the Dobaaraa director was leading a campaign against his picture by the “genocide-denier” lobby.

When discussing Bollywood’s consecutive flops, the director stated, “Why is Bollywood struggling right now? You are attempting to pass on your own failure to a certain person since it is effective and is perceived as new by all. Ask any urban or semi-urban middle-class home to conduct an interview. If you do your homework, you’ll discover that people despise arrogance, a glitzy lifestyle, and Bollywood’s detachment from the real-world audience.” He believes that moviegoers’ distaste for them has forced Bollywood to reconsider the principles they uphold. “People have witnessed all of this hypocrisy, haughtiness, extravagant lifestyle, funded and organised publicity efforts, etc. throughout the past few years during COVID-19. And now that they are unwilling to embrace it, which is a fantastic development that has caused Bollywood to reconsider the philosophy they adhere to, “he added.

According to Vivek, the Hindi film community and reviewers have boycotted his films Buddha in a Traffic Jam and The Tashkent Files, and they are currently organising a campaign against The Kashmir Files. The Tashkent Files was blacklisted by the Bollywood critics and from theatres, therefore they have no right to complain about me. First of all, they have no right to complain.The Kashmir Files Oscars submission is still the target of their ongoing effort. They are hence specialists in this. I take it very seriously because it is a really important subject. Boycott, in my opinion, is a reaction of the audience to the alienation between the Indian middle class and the producers and actors as a result of their haughtiness, he continued.

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