Amala Paul revealed shocking facts about the Telugu film industry

Amala Paul
Image Credit: (Twitter/@Amala_ams)

Amala Paul recently stated in an interview with The Times of India that the characters that were offered to her prevented her from doing many Telugu films. She stated: “I became aware of the family notion when I entered the Telugu film industry. These families and their fans heavily dominate the industry there. Additionally, the films they were producing at the time were considerably different. Every time, there would be two actresses, and we would be present for the romantic moments and musical numbers. I only did a small number of films there since they were so commercial and I couldn’t really connect with that sector at the time.”

Amala Paul’s most recent appearance was in the Disney+ Hotstar streaming movie Cadaver. Recently, the actress revealed the title of her new movie, Teacher. In addition, she’s working on the Malayalam movies Christopher and Aadujeevitham.

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