Anupama 19th September 2022 episode written update


Anupama is consoled by Anuj. Anupama inquires as to what she did wrong. Anuj says she did the right thing by speaking openly in front of the family, and she explains how a wife hides domestic abuse by her husband in front of her in-laws, and when in-laws domestically abuse DIL, she hides it, and so on; it’s wrong to hide the mental and physical abuse, and she did the right thing by exposing Toshu’s sin and making them learn a lesson from it. Anupama inquires if he and Little Anu have eaten, and then offers to bring his medicine and milk for Little Anu. Anuj tells her not to worry about them and to relax.

Hasmukh notices Leela releasing her rage on a dry fruit and inquires as to what she is doing. Leela claims she is unleashing her rage on a dry fruit because she is unable to slap Anupama for ruining her son’s family. Hasmukh points out that just as they spanked and kicked Vanraj out of the house when he made similar mistakes, Anupama and Vanraj had the right to punish their kid. Leela continues to rant and scream at a fruit, releasing her rage. Anupama administers medicine to Anuj. Anuj feels a headache.

Vanraj approaches them and tells them they can go home and rest as Little Anu wonders why everyone is upset and Ankush, Barkha, and Adhik sit sadly away. Anuj claims he and Little Anu are leaving and requests Anupama to stay behind. Anupama denies staying behind, recalling the doctor’s caution not to leave Anuj alone. Vanraj promises to send Samar to assist Anuj and GK. Anuj tells Anupama not to be concerned about them. Anupama nods and goes to check on Little Anu.

Anuj informs Vanraj that he did not speak to Leela when she cursed Anupama and requests that he convey to Leela that he will not humiliate and curse Anupama again. He claims that he is leaving Anupama here for Kinjal and her baby, not for Leela to unleash her rage. Vanraj assures that he will explain Leela. Anupama informs Little Anu that she will be staying behind to care for Kinjal and her baby and requests her to look after herself and Anuj till she returns. Hasmukh approaches her.

Anupama narrates her ordeal, saying that she is tired of tolerating Toshu’s faults, Leela’s curses and humiliations, and so on, and that she is unable to focus on her husband and daughter. According to Hasmukh, this is a story about every woman; as women get older, their relationships deepen, and she must elegantly navigate all of them. He discusses each chore in detail and how her family men throw all the labour on her and frustrate her. He advises her not to keep her tribulation and frustration inside and to let it all out through tears.

Kinjal glances at her and Aryan’s photos and feels her life was wonderful, but her bliss vanished suddenly and Toshu’s promises were lies. She suffers from a panic attack. When Kavya is unable to soothe her down, she runs to Anupama and notifies her of Kinjal’s situation. Anupama requests that Kavya take Aryan away and tries to console Kinjal. Kinjal wonders whether Toshu even thought about them once, how she and her daughter will live now, she made a mistake by loving Toshu, love is a myth, or if Toshu would not have betrayed her. Anupama soothes her with an embrace. Vanraj and others are informed of Kinjal’s illness by Kavya.  Vanraj believes that Anupama’s presence is beneficial because only she can handle Kinjal

Anupama reminds Kinjal that the following route is difficult; as a mother, she cannot accept defeat and keep going without breaking down. Kinjal doeszes off. Anupama walks away. Vanraj inquires about Kinjal’s well-being. Anupama claims to have put Kinjal to sleep and is unsure how she will respond later. She grabs Arya and tells her that both Arya and her mother must learn to handle themselves now; it will be difficult for them, but they can since they have each other. Vanraj is disappointed and tells Kavya that he intended Toshu to be a better version of himself and not adopt his bad behaviours, but Toshu stooped too low. He blames himself and claims he did not educate his son about all of this. Kavya feels horrible and says she can see Anupama feeling the same way as a result of their infidelity. Anupama sings a lullaby for Arya and Kinjal, recalling how she felt when Vanraj betrayed her.

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