Anupama 21st September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Anupama serial

Anuj informs Anupama that he understands how tough it is for her to see her kid separated from the family, and he can’t image how much she suffered with herself before exposing Toshu. He continues to compliment her and expresses his admiration for her bravery. Anupama sobs and declares that she is sick of fighting every day and every moment, but she will not give up lightly. She claims she is fighting the entire world for a son who questioned her parenting and was abandoned, her DIL is going through the same struggle she did, Leela’s taunting will not stop, Pakhi will not stop criticising, and so on.

She claims she wants to spend time with Anuj and Little Anu but is trapped between the Shah and Kapadia homes; she wants to ask him to put her in a room and not let her out because she wants to be herself, and so on. She finds him drinking black tea and inquires why he is doing so without having breakfast; she will cook breakfast for him and then attend Little Anu’s school. Anuj appears to release her displeasure, but soon returns to normalcy, serving everyone as if nothing had happened; he is happy of her.

Kinjal awake to find Vanraj, Dolly, Kavya, and Leela surrounding her. She inquires about her child. Dolly claims that Arya was weeping, so they fed her milk and put her to bed. Kavya inquires as to her well-being. Kinjal wonders how she can be fine. Vanraj advises her to forget about what occurred and not let it ruin her future. Leela urges her to consider her daughter’s future and forgive Toshu. Kavya claims Anupama warned Leela not to discuss it. Leela claims she is correct. Vanraj claims it’s not a matter of right or wrong; he wants Kinjal to forget everything, but Leela keeps reminding her of her sufferings. Vanraj asks if he should make her tea or coffee. Kinjal expresses a desire for Anupama’s special tea. Kavya claims Anupama visited her at home. Leela promises to call Anupama back. Vanraj remembers Anupama telling Leela not to call her again. Vanraj says he’ll contact Anupama and make the same tea for her. Anupama, according to Kavya, must look after Anuj and Little Anu. Leela assures Anupama that she will. Kinjal believes it’s okay; Anupama should take care of her family.

Anupama serves Anuj and Little Anu breakfast and instructs Little Anu to get ready for school. Barkha enters with Anuj and inquires about Kinjal. Anupama claims to be fine now. Barkha inquires as to the whereabouts of Toshu. Anupama says she doesn’t right now, but she might at a friend’s house. Anuj thinks it’s unfortunate that Kinjal is divorcing after only two years of marriage. Anuj believes that it is unnecessary for people to intervene in Toshu’s life. Barkha expresses sympathy for Anupama. Anuj and Adhik begin slandering Toshu.

Anupama works so lot for the Shahs, according to Barkha, but they don’t value her at all. Anuj silently listens to them, and when they depart, he informs Anupama that she has done her bit and that the Shah family should decide about Kinjal and Toshu’s future. He claims he feels horrible seeing others criticise and abuse her when she does so much for them, so he doesn’t want her to help them anymore unless they ask for it.

Pakhi meets Adhik and addresses Toshu’s wrongdoing, despite her support for him in front of Anupama. Adhik claims that people make mistakes and that a one-night encounter is acceptable, but Toshu still loves Kinjal and believes he deserves a second chance. Kavya informs the Shahs that she is leaving for work and requests that Kinjal be cared for till she returns. Vanraj tells her not to be concerned. Leela exclaims that Anupama is looking after her family, that Dolly is leaving shortly, and that she will be left to service the entire family. Dolly advises her to quit always overreacting and to attempt to garner sympathy. Kavya says she recently started a work and can’t take leave often, and she urges her not to curse Anupama all the time because she, too, has a family and comes here to support them. Leela cries at Anupama, “Enough lecturing!” Kavya requests that Vanraj look after Kinjal and Arya and not allow Leela bother Anupama. She spoils Arya.

Rakhi was anxious about Kinjal and grateful to God that Anupama was there to assist her. Kinjal exits with her purse. Her family wonders what occurred and where she is heading. Kinjal thanks them for their assistance in her fight against Toshu, but she wants to move on. Leela asks her not to go. Kinjal claims she feels suffocated here and cannot always obey Leela’s demands. Leela sobs because Toshu has already left them and she does not want to lose Kinjal and Arya. Kinjal begs Vanraj to let her go for her own peace of mind. Vanraj agrees and gives her Arya. Hasmukh advises her to look for herself and Arya because they all adore them. Rakhi arrives at Shah’s house and is taken aback to discover Kinjal standing outside with her luggage and Arya. She inquires as to where she is headed. Kinjal, according to Leela, want to relocate to Rakhi’s home. Rakhi questions Kinjal about why she didn’t inform her ahead of time and instructs her to get inside the car. Leela questions Kinjal about not informing Rakhi. Kinjal requests that Rakhi drop her off at Anupama’s place.

Anupama chats with Anuj and informsĀ GK will pick up Little Anu from school. Anuj adds it feels good to have her near him and wonders how Kinjal is doing now, telling her she should give her some time. Anupama claims she lost her conscience after being betrayed and would have died if Devika had not stood by her. Kinjal is told by the Shahs that staying at Anupama’s house is not appropriate. Kinjal says she knows, but she needs Anupama right now. Leela requests that nagin Rakhi explain her daughter. Rakhi claims that her own daughter does not want to live with her. Kinjal claims she had a mother who kept her in the dark.

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