Anupama 22nd September 2022 episode written update

Anupama serial scene

Kinjal blames Rakhi for keeping up with world news through her sources and shouting out the truth about someone’s functions but remaining mute when she needed to speak. She claims that a woman does not become modern just by dominating her husband and working; she claims that fighting against societal odds and supporting truth makes a woman contemporary; she claims that if Anupama had not informed her about Toshu’s infidelity, she would have been like old Anupama. She requests that Kavya drive her to Anupama’s place.

Adhik rushes to Barkha and Anuj and says he got a breaking house, Pakhi had called him and. They hear a baby crying and notice Kinjal standing with Arya, Vanraj, and Kavya. Barkha hopes whatever she is thinking is not true. Samar meets Toshu and says Kinjal is not speaking to him as she doesn’t want to speak to him, she is very tensed and Toshu shouldn’t trouble her more. Toshu says Kinjal has a house at least, but he doesn’t have any. He asks him to go home and let him speak to Kinjal and show Arya via a video call. Samar says Kinjal has gone to Anupaam’s house. Toshu shouts Anupama broke her own house and will provoke Kinjal now to break her house.

Adhik goes up to Barkha and Anuj and informs them that he has a breaking house, that Pakhi had contacted him, and… They notice Kinjal standing with Arya, Vanraj, and Kavya after hearing a baby scream. Barkha is hoping that whatever she is thinking is not real. Samar approaches Toshu and informs him that Kinjal is not speaking to him because she does not want to speak to him, that she is very stressed, and that Toshu should not bother her any further. Toshu claims Kinjal has at least one residence, but he doesn’t. He requests that he return home and allow him to speak with Kinjal and show Arya via video call. Kinjal, according to Samar, has gone to Anupaam’s house. Toshu yells that Anupama ruined her own house and will now provoke Kinjal to do the same.

Vanraj informs Anupama that Kinjal didnt  want to stay at the Shah residence and hence came here. He hands Arya over to her and asks her to look after them. Kinjal apologises to Anupama for arriving unprepared. Anuj claims that a daughter can pay her mother a visit at any moment. Vanraj claims that he couldn’t see his children grow and that he now can’t see his granddaughter develop as a result of his son’s misdeeds. Anuj says he can visit his grandson whenever he wants and hugs Vanaj.

Barkha is angered by this. Kinjal expresses gratitude to Vanraj. Vanraj believes that a child requires a mother before a father. Toshu keeps cursing and blaming Anupama for spoiling his wife. Samar asks if he still believes Anupama ruined his life. Toshu then inquires as to why he is estranged from Kinjal, his family, and his daughter. Samar claims that he is acting out of spite rather than apologising and making things right.

Toshu continues to scream that Anupama has separated him from his wife and daughter, and that he cannot live without them. Samar wonders if he didn’t consider it when he cheated on Kinjal. Toshu claims it was a mistake and continues to yell and threaten suicide if he does not find his daughter and wife. Vanraj becomes sad when he leaves Anupama’s residence after hearing Arya weep. Barkha and Anuj are irritated that Kinjal and her infant arrived to stay at the Shah house because Little Anu wasn’t enough. Leela unleashes her rage on washing clothes at Shah House. Hasmukh advises her to tear them if she doesn’t like them. She rips them up. Kinjal comforts her with hugs. Hasmukh believes that releasing Leela’s frustration was vital. On the walk home, Kavya becomes sad because she misses Pari and says she now considers Pari to be her daughter and wants her to return home, and she wonders when Pari will return. Vanraj claims ignorance.

Kinjal apologises to Anupama for coming uninformed. Anupama says she can stay at her mother’s place. Toshu dials Kinjal’s number. Kinjal claims she does not wish to speak with him. Anupama walks away, claiming that it is their problem. She walks over to Anuj and expresses gratitude for his assistance with her tasks. Anuj begins complimenting Anupama, saying that he loves a supportive Anupama who supports everyone; she is not only Anupama but also a mother, daughter, grandmother, wife, and so on, and he needs a whole Anupama and does not want to leave any connection unfulfilled. Anupama inquires if he does not believe she should be solely his. He claims that one must follow the entire connection, and he is pleased that she now belongs to him more. He instructs her to drop Little Anu off at art class and go to the office, ignoring Kinjal and Arya. They both say at the same time that they can do it since they are together.

Arya is still crying. Kinjal becomes worried. Barkha approaches her, faking concern about Kinjal. She claims Anupama was unfaithful after having three children, yet Kinjal is suffering at a young age. She goes on to advise that she divorce Toshu.

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