Anupama 23rd September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Anupama serial

Kinjal is provoked by Barkha against Toshu, and she is advised to divorce him and go on. Kinjal thanks her for her counsel and requests that she leave her alone because she does not want to discuss it. Barkha begs her to phone her if she is needed, and she will come if she is available. Anupama video calls Anuj from the office. Kinjal approaches Anuj in a panic, saying Pari is choking and requesting that Anupama return home quickly. Anupama instructs her to pat Arya’s back until she returns home.

Anuj seeks assistance from GK and Ankush. Adhik reports that Ankush and Barkha have left. Anuj instructs Adhik to contact a doctor. Leela learns about Toshu’s suicidal intentions and requests that Samar accompany her to Toshu in order to bring him home. She blames Anupama of severing Toshu and Kinjal’s marriage and requests that Vanraj bring Kinjal home. Vanraj suggests that Kinjal first calm down. Leela continues to accuse Anupama, claiming that Toshu discussed suicide and that he should get Toshu back home at any cost.

Kinjal is still worried and tells Anuj to find out whether he is bringing a doctor. Anuj, while attempting to calm her down, trips and falls on a table, injuring his head. Anupama arrives home and assists Anuj in sitting. Kinjal is still terrified. Anupama is speechless. Toshu dials Vanraj’s number. Vanraj invites him to his home. Toshu claims he simply repeated Vanraj’s error by supporting Anupama and kicking him out of the house; he claims Vanraj deceived Anupama, even though his family is with him, while Toshu’s family is taken away from him, and so on. He thinks how his one error can be compared to Vanraj’s eight years of crimes. He blames Vanraj and Anupma for his plight and declares that he will never forgive them, that he is doing something that would punish three of them, that he has been defeated by his parents, and that he will die. Vanraj becomes concerned when he hears this.

Anupama becomes concerned about Arya and Anuj’s condition and attempts to handle it. She calls the doctor, feels awful about feeling guilty, and begins repeating sorri sorri sorri. Anuj and Kinjal request that she not apologise because she is not at fault. Anupama claims she should not have left Arya and Anuj alone, putting them in danger. Anuj forgets about his anguish and becomes preoccupied with soothing Anupama. Anupama bemoans the fact that she cannot justify even one connection.Anuj receives a call from Little Anu’s school, informing him that Little Anu’s admission was not possible this year due to Anupama’s failure to complete the entrance paperwork on time. Anupama bemoans the fact that she has failed in every relationship. Vanraj calls her and inquires whether Toshu has phoned her. Anupama inquires if anything has occurred. Vanraj says nothing, telling her not to worry, and then disconnects the conversation.

Samar rushes over to Vanraj and informs him that Toshu has injured himself. He snaps out of his reverie when Samar shakes him and tells him not to worry because Toshu is safe at his friend’s place. Vanraj thanks God and says he doesn’t want to stress Kinjal, Anupama, or Anuj, but he is concerned about Toshu. Anuj puts Anupma to sleep. Kinjal informs Anuj that she is unable to view Anupama’s condition and is hence returning home. Anuj thinks she should make Anupama feel bad and asks God to give her the strength she needs to do everything smoothly. Kinjal asks how Anupama manages things on her own. Anuj tells her that it is too late for her to sleep. Anupama whispers that she needs to send Little Anu to school, make breakfast for Anuj, and look after Arya. Anuj requests that she sleep because it is still night and tomorrow is Sunday. He prays to God for strength to deal with Anupama.

The next morning, Shahs prepares for their ancestors’ shraad puja. Leela delivers a speech on the significance of shraad pooja. She believes that once the puja is completed, she will go to Anupama’s house and bring Kinjal back home.

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