Anupama 24th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from anupama serial

Kapadia performs shraad pooja. GK promises to send food to an elderly age home and an orphanage. Anupama’s 20-page lecture discusses providing food and water to animals throughout the year. Anuj applauds her idea and recalls how, when he was a child, they fed animals and birds alongside humans. Anupama still feels bad for not completing all of her tasks correctly. Anuj claims that it is not her fault that everyone throws their work on her, and that it is okay to miss some. He shifts the subject to cheer her up and shows her a video of herself snoring. Anuj hears Arya weeping and, due to her short-term memory loss, inquires whether there is a child in their home. According to Anupama, Little Anu is watching baby videos. She enters Kinjal’s room and lavishes attention on Little Anu and Arya. She then makes an attempt to cheer up Kinjal.

Kinjal apologises for scaring her the day before and thanks her for handling both her and Arya. Anupama claims she is a new mother who will soon understand the secrets of motherhood. She finds crimpled papers and inquires as to whether she was writing something. Kinjal claims to have been writing her heart out and is unsure if she should listen to her emotions or the world. Anupama believes that being betrayed shatters people both physically and mentally. Kinjal wonders what she should do. Anupama believes their circumstances were different; she was in her forties when she was betrayed, whereas Kinjal is still young and has a long life ahead of him, so Kinjal should think carefully before making any decisions. Leela enters and summons Anupama.

Leela fights Barkha as she refuses to let her meet Kinjal and the baby since they are resting. Their verbal sparring begins. Anupama intervenes in their debate. Kinjal walks out with Arya. Leela begs her to return home, reminding Anupama that she stayed at Shah’s house when Vanraj betrayed her. Kinjal requests that you not force her. Barkha mentions that a new drama began early this morning. Anuj wonders why God gives fresh challenges every day. When Vanraj finds that Leela has gone to Anupama’s residence, he becomes anxious. He defends both Leela and Kinjal’s points and hopes Leela doesn’t cause any more problems there.

Kavya gives him a hug and calms him. Leela continues to beg Kinjal and accuses Anupama of destroying her own home and now attempting to destroy her son’s life. Anuj warns her not to repeat her stupidity. Anupama claims that it is Kinjal and Toshu’s lives, and they should make a decision without the intrusion of others. Leela accuses Anupama of seeking vengeance and tells Kinjal that Anupama is attempting to make Kinjal like her, but she should remember that Anupama’s children are grown up, whilst Kinjal’s child is still a toddler, and so on.

Pakhi approaches Adhik and asks him, after witnessing his family’s wrongdoings, he believes she is also like them. Adhik begs his Pakhi not to say anything since Anupama’s persistence is causing Toshu to suffer, and he hopes Anupama does not do the same to them. Leela continues to scare Kinjal by telling her that a child needs a father’s name everywhere and that she has a long life ahead of her, therefore she shouldn’t listen to a housebreaker Anupama. Anuj advises Leela that people are paying attention to her gibberish because they respect her and that she should stop immediately. Leela continues to spew venom at Anupama. Anuj has had enough of her nonsense and requests that Samar take Leela home. Anupama reiterates that they have no control over Toshu and Kinjal’s lives and that they must make their own decisions. Leela goes away with a frown.

Kinjal cries, saying she is sincerely sorry for bothering everyone and separating Arya from everyone. Samar claims that no matter who supports her, her younger brother will always be there for her and that she should only listen to her heart. Kinjal considers herself extremely fortunate to have a brother like him. Samar claims that he is tied to Toshu by blood and by heart, and that he will fight with his blood for his heart relationship. He walks away. Anuj consoles Kinjal and advises her to focus about what happened to her rather than what she is doing; she should listen to her heart. He recites a shayari to remind herself to think just about herself and not about what other people think. Anupama thinks Vanraj expressed concern about Toshu yesterday and expressed hope that he does not do anything wrong.

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