Anupama 26th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Anupama serial

Leela returns home from Anupama’s house, crying, claiming that despite continuously pleading with Anupama, she did not send Anupama with her. Samar appears surprised as he receives a message. Anuj gets ready for work. According to Barkha, today is Sunday. Anuj claims that vacation is for employees, not bosses. He informs Ankush that he would accompany him to the office because he wants to learn about the new project Ankush has taken up in his absence. Anupama feeds him sweet curd and tells him she will be there in a few minutes. Anuj tells her not to worry about him because GK will be joining him shortly. He walks away with Ankush.

At the office, Anuj tongue lashes Ankush for not starting even a single project in his absence. Ankush says staff was on festival holidays. Anuj tongue lashes Ankush that he was busy conspiring against him with Barkha, so he must have not found time for work. He warns to give him pending reports details right now. Ankush gets tensed and hopes something happens that makes Anuj leave the office soon. Back at Shah house, Leela panics hearing about Toshu missing and his suicidal tendencies. 

Anuj scolds Ankush at work for not initiating even one assignment while he is away. Ankush claims that the crew was on vacation during the festival. Anuj’s tongue lashes Ankush, claiming that he was too busy conspiring against him with Barkha to work. He warns you to give him the details of any pending reports right away. Ankush becomes tense and hopes that anything happens to cause Anuj to leave the workplace soon. Leela panics after learning of Toshu’s disappearance and suicidal thoughts.

Anupama arrives to Shah’s house and tells her not to worry since nothing bad will happen to Toshu. If something occurs to Toshu, Leela yells. Anupama asks, “So what?” She should stop worrying so much. Leela has doubts about her parenthood. Anupama wonders if she should be concerned about a son who questioned her parenting and accused her; Leela never questioned Toshu’s crime and is instead criticising a victim. Vanraj and Samar return, informing them that they were unable to locate Toshu.

Kinjal is still concerned about Toshu. Barkha brainwashes her into believing that Toshu is emotionally weak, and that emotionally weak people commit suicide, thus Kinjal must decide whether to salvage her marriage or follow Anupama’s advise and lose her spouse. She wishes Anupama would fall down on her face. Anupama contacts Anuj and warns him that Toshu has threatened suicide and has gone missing. Anuj wonders how she can be so composed as a mother. Anupama inquires as to what else she can accomplish. Anuj tells her not to worry about Kinjal because he is on his way home. Leela keeps yelling at Anupama. Anupama hopes Toshu does not act on her thoughts. Anuj returns home to console Kinjal. Barkha informs Ankush that their drama is not over. Ankush said he was begging to get Anuj out of the workplace as quickly as possible since he was questioning his work like a demanding supervisor. Kinjal expresses concern about Toshu. Anuj promises Toshu that nothing would happen to him.

Heavily intoxicated Toshu arrives and attempts to emotionally blackmail Kinjal. Anuj cautions him not to enter his residence unless Kinjal gives him permission. Toshu claims he cannot live without Kinjal and Pari and wishes to meet Pari immediately. Anuj inquires if he is inebriated. Toshu concurs. Kinjal wonders how he can come to meet Pari while drunk. Tohu claims he has no idea what he is doing and forcibly lifts Pari while Kinjal and Anuj attempt to stop him. Toshu abandons Pari. Kinjal grabs Pari and yells if he’s upset. Toshu is pushed away by Anuj, who warns him to quit his theatrics. Toshu pulls out a knife and threatens Kinjal with suicide if he does not accompany him home. Anupama enters and challenges him to commit suicide.

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