Anupama 27th September 2022 episode written update

a Scene from Anupama

Anupama challenges Toshu to commit suicide. She claims that there is a sharper knife in the kitchen because the fruit knife he is holding is quite blunt. Toshu begs her to sever his wrist as though she had ruined his life. Anupama warns him not to blame her for his faults and questions why he did not commit suicide while wandering alone for two days. She questions how he can be drunk in front of his wife and baby. What else can they expect from such children, according to Anuj. She tongue lashes Anuj with a long lecture on how he committed sin, in order to make her feel guilty for his sins and causing trouble for the entire family; how men like him physically and mentally punish their spouses, and so on. Leela curses Anupama like she always does. Hasmukh lashes her with his tongue for her hypocritical behaviour and cautions her not to curse Anupama. Vanraj is worried about Toshu and states that no father wants his son to die.

Anupama begins to tongue lash Toshu with a 50-page long lecture in 5 minutes on how he is merely acting as though he is attempting suicide and bothering his wife. She warns him to leave her residence. Toshu shatters objects, declares that he will not leave, and curses Anupama for forcibly detaining Kinjal. Anuj loses control, forces him to a sofa, and accuses him of accusing Anupama. He claims he can smash things or cause drama, but he should not accuse Anupama. He requests Anupama to call Vanraj and tells him that his kaput has come here drunk and is bothering Kinjal, trying to grab baby, and breaking things here; Vanraj should come here and take his kaput from here, and if his kaput makes any more drama here, he would forget that kaput is Anupama’s daughter. Toshu yells that Anuj can call the cops or anybody else he wants.

Kinjal brings Arya to her room and tells her that it is simple for a wife to make a decision, but she must defend her daughter as a mother. She apologises to Arya for subjecting her to all of this drama. Toshu declares that he would not depart until Kinjal joins him. Vanraj walks in and says he’ll go from here. Barkha walks down with Ankush and asks Adhik how he knows Vanraj is coming. According to Adhik, Pakhi informed him.

Ankush believes it is more vital for them that Anuj be furious with Anupama than with Vanraj. Toshu is scolded by Vanraj and dragged away. Barkha wonders how Vanraj can function without drama. Anupama greets Anuj with sorri sorri sorri. Anuj walks away angry, without responding. According to Barkha, Anuj is furious with even Anupama. Ankush believes it is beneficial to them. Vanraj takes Toshu home. Toshu continues his drama while intoxicated. Leela and the others attempt to calm him down. Vanraj sobs in front of Hamush, saying that today he learned what Hasmukh must have felt when he left home uneducated; he used to think of himself as tough, but he can’t stand his son trying suicide and wreaking ruin on someone else’s family.

He used to become upset when he saw other people’s children acting like Toshu and wonder why they didn’t die, but now he realises how terrifying it must be for parents to watch their children in this condition. Anupama offers Anuj medication. Anuj claims that he is not furious with her, but rather with the everyday turmoil. He gives her a hug and calms her. The song Tere Naam… is playing in the background.

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