Anupama 28th September 2022 episode written update

A secene from Anupama serial

Vanraj explains his ordeal to Hasmukh, saying that even if his son made a mistake, he cannot let his son die. Hasmukh reassures him. Intoxicated Toshu begs Kinjal’s forgiveness, citing Vanraj’s forgiveness from family, and promises to be a good husband and father. He accuses Anupama of attempting to break into his home and continues to scream, claiming he would die without his wife and children. His family consoles him.

Anupama is consoled by Anuj. Anupama appreciates him for establishing a distinction between their relationship and their circumstances. Anuj wonders when she will learn to draw a boundary between her two families. He claims he and Vanraj even agreed not to see each other’s faces or see each other, but the scenario brought them back together and they are again buddies. He claims he has no objections to visiting each other, but he despises the daily drama performed by Vanraj, his children, Leela, his brother, and SIL and want to draw a line from now on. Anupama promises to try.

Leela asks Vanraj request Kinjal to bring her back home like he did Toshu. Toshu’s position is different, according to Vanraj; Kinjal had to face adultery right after her delivery and go through a mental trauma; it’s fine if she’s finding calm at Anupama’s place. Leela claims that Toshu performed a drama in Anuj’s house today and that he will soon do it in the neighbourhood and on the streets; he should not be as foolish as Anupama. Vanraj asks whether he should succumb to Toshu’s emotional blackmail. Leela believes that one must fix children and get them on the right course through punishment or other means, but he cannot abandon them; he must do anything to bring Kinjal home. Vanraj claims that his brain isn’t working and that he needs time to ponder.

Anuj, who is getting ready to go for office, informs Anupama that Little Anu’s school admission will take place today and that she need not be concerned. Anupama expresses her concern for them. He kisses her and tells her that his day is going nicely. She kisses him back and adds that her day will be nice as well. Little Anu wonders if their goodbye kisses are ended and if they may go to school for admittance. Anuj is driving away. Leela enters with Vanraj. Anupama inquires if everything is fine. Leela expresses a desire to meet Arya. Anupama lets them in. Leela spoils Arya. Vanraj informs Kinjal that he wishes to speak with her and inquires of Anupama whether she will be offended. Anupama replies she won’t because Kinjal is his daughter. Vanraj inquires about Kinjal’s health. Anupama informs Anuj that Leela and Vanraj have returned home and that he should not be concerned since she would handle the problem. He asks her to notify him if anything happens and hopes that nothing goes wrong.

Vanraj says they will not, but she has to hide her tears when she stays in someone else’s house; says she can’t deprive Hasmukh of his great granddaughter’s love, etc. Leela says she shouldn’t punish Toshu so much that it affects her and Arya more than Toshu, even court gives a chance to reform and if Toshu doesn’t reform, she can take a decision then. Anupama listens to their conversation and recalls Leela and Vanraj’s hypocrytic behaviors during her times. She thinks she has to cross her line now.

Vanraj says they will not, but she must hide her tears when she stays in someone else’s home; she claims she cannot deprive Hasmukh of his great granddaughter’s affection, and so on. Leela says she shouldn’t punish Toshu so severely that it hurts her and Arya more than Toshu; even the court offers Toshu a chance to rehabilitate, and if he doesn’t, she can make a decision. Anupama overhears their chat and recalls Leela and Vanraj’s hypocrytic behaviour during her childhood. She believes she must now cross her line.

Hasmukh learns about Vanraj and Leela’s visit to Anupama’s house and fumes that while their intentions are good, their language is not, and they will put Anupama under even more pressure. Anupama invites Vanraj and Leela to meet Kinjal but does not compel them to do so. Leela claims they are simply explaining. Anupama claims that she is not implying that their intentions are bad, but that they are unwittingly putting pressure on Kinjal. She goes on to explain that Kinjal needs time to make a decision on her own and under pressure. Vanraj has shouted enough; no one is emotionally trying to blackmail her; she is acting in accordance with her beliefs, and they are doing in accordance with their beliefs; how can they be wrong, and she be right? They are speaking to their daughter, and they do not require her permission to do so. Anupama inquires as to when she stopped them.

Leela asserts that she knows what Anupama is up to and requests that Kinjal return home. Anupama invites Kinjal to accompany her if she so desires, but only if she is not afraid of Toshu’s emotional blackmail. Vanraj claims she is now controlling Kinjal. Anupama says it’s called explanation and that neither she nor anybody else will put pressure on Kinjal; instead, Kinjal should make her own decision.

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