Anupama 29th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Anupama serial

Anupama explains to Leela that Vanraj betrayed her despite their attempts to scare her by warning that her family’s and her children’s future will be destroyed. Despite their efforts, Anupama still couldn’t forgive her husband. She claims that instead of urging Kinjal to make the same choice, she is letting her make her own. Kinjal is still being urged to go back home by Vanranj and Leela. Anupama remembers Leela’s emotional blackmail and Vanraj’s haughtiness from her own time. Kinjal yields to their pleading and consents to drive them back to the Shah residence. She leaves to pack her bags. Anupama is thanked by Vanraj for caring for Kinjal and Arya, and she is urged not to attempt to incite Kinjal against them. Leela challenges her to stop interfering between Toshu and Kinjal if she doesn’t want to see the lives of her son and DIL destroyed and wants to keep Kinjal at her for the rest of time. Anupama cautions them against dismantling Kinjal since she is aware of their potential for harm.

If she is threatening her, Leela asks. Anupama says that she is correcting her mother. They believe that marriage is a son reforming institution and that the woman is the son’s babysitter, according to her, and they are hiding their kid’s error. Anupama only needs a chance to succeed as a heroine, Vanraj says, and she shouldn’t meddle in every situation forcibly. Leela agrees that he is correct, that they are bringing Kinjal with them, and that Anupama should not stop them. Anupama agrees and threatens to rush into their home with her 5-page speech and sword if they try to manipulate Kinjal. Kinjal walks down the stairs with her bag and gives Anupama an emotional hug. Anupama promises to always support her decision and advises her not to make any decisions under duress, sacrificing her happiness.

Kinjal says she wants to give herself a chance since Anupama taught her to face the circumstance rather than run away from it; winning or losing is an end result; let her fight the struggle first. Anupama wishes her the best of luck. She raises Arya and tells her that she should help her mother and takes her picture with Little Anu’s camera. Leela urges Kinjal to leave us alone and walks out, ignoring Anupama. Back at home, Hasmukh is overjoyed to meet Arya.

Toshu rushes down joyfully towards Arya, but is stopped by Kinjal’s angry expression. Barkha gives Anupama water and says she should not have let Kinjal go since she feels awful for Kinjal and wonders how Kinjal can forgive Toshu after committing such a major sin. Anupama claims that Anuj, too, forgave Barkha and Ankush. Barkha expresses her gratitude to God for Kinjal’s happiness. Anupama says she prays for Barkha’s mental calm while it wanders around. She is concerned about Kinjal.

Toshu makes his way towards Arya/Pari. Kinjal claims she has to clarify a few things up. Barkha then pretends to care about Anuj and says he has memory loss and it’s difficult for him to conduct business, therefore they should all aid Anuj. Anupama claims that she and Anuj record all of their encounters, therefore Barkha should not be concerned. Barkha dislikes Anupama’s arrogance and walks away, asking her to call her if she needs anything. Anuj arrives home with Little Anu and informs her that Kinjal and Arya have left their house, which upsets her. Anupama cries, expressing her concern for Kinjal. Anuj expresses concern for Kinjal, but she must fight her own struggle, whether it is now or tomorrow. Rakhi walks in and is surprised to find that Kinjal has returned to Shah House. Kinjal informs Toshu that she returned to Shah’s house not for him or afraid he would harm himself, but for the family as Pari’s mother, who is not here to forgive him for his mistakes or people’s taunts, and she expects her family to support her decision rather than pressurise her. Hasmukh tells them that they will not, or else they will face his wrath.

Toshu claims that staying under one roof with Kinjal and Pari is more than enough for him and swears not to bother her. Kavya reminds him of what he promised. Kinjal allows Toshu to hold and soothe Pari. Rakhi tells Anupama that she let Kinjal stay with her because Kinjal trusts Anupama more than she does, that she suppressed her emotions when her own daughter didn’t trust her and thought Anupama was a better mother than her, and that Anupama couldn’t allow Kinjal leave her house. Anupama claims to understand Rakhi’s mental state.

Rakhi adds she is not okay with Kinjal staying with Toshu because he will be more fearless and will try to steal Arya from Kinjal, and there will be Leela there who will blindly support Toshu and make Kinjal’s life a living hell with her taunts. Anupama agrees that she cannot trust Leela, but she is powerless to stop Kinjal because it was his decision.

Rakhi says she will do anything she can for her daughter; previously, she concealed Toshu’s sin to protect Kinjal, but now she will repeatedly emphasise Toshu’s misdeeds to protect Kinjal. Anuj cautions her not to act in such a hasty manner that her daughter’s future is jeopardised. Anupama requests that Rakhi put her trust in Kinjal and let her control her life. Rakhi replies no way, she’ll do anything she can, and Anupama should just sit back and watch. Anupama wonders what Rakhi will do. Anuj believes Rakhi would do her best for her daughter and requests Anupama not to intervene in the dispute between Rakhi, Kinjal, and the Shah family.

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