Anupama 30th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from anupama serial

Toshu expresses gratitude to Leela and Vanraj for bringing Pari and Kinjal home. Vanraj says they brought Kinjal and Pari back for the family, but it doesn’t mean they forgave him. His luck is that Kinjal hasn’t made a decision yet, so he has a chance to seek Kinjal’s forgiveness; he shouldn’t waste it because not everyone gets a second chance. Leela believes it takes years to develop a decision and seconds to shatter it, therefore he should try one more to win Kinjal’s heart. Toshu promises to do his best. Leela suggests that we celebrate the Navratri celebration in spectacular style. Kavya says she’ll get Pari a fancy lehanga. Matarani, according to Toshu, will rejoice with her entire family. Rakhi enters, announcing that little Matarani will enjoy the occasion at her grandmother’s place. She snatches Pari from Toshu and declares that she is returning home with her daughter and granddaughter and that no one should dare to stop her. Vanraj attempts to speak, but Rakhi warns him not to.

Hasmukh claims that many arguments have already happened, so she can handle the problem calmly and politely. Rakhi claims the problem has been resolved, but Vanraj and Leela have made matters worse by bringing Kinjal here. Toshu claims that Anupama has already exacerbated the situation; it is his and Kinjal’s problem, which they will resolve amicably, and she should not intervene. Rakhi wonders why she can’t intervene when he can have an affair. She inquires of Kinjal what she saw in Toshu, who is neither educated nor gorgeous, does not make money, and wishes to live a luxury life. Toshu claims that they will resolve their family problem on their own.

Rakhi claims that problems do not get resolved in Rajkot’s hotels. Leela questions why she feels the need to wreck her daughter’s life in a fit of wrath. Rakhi says that the person who evicted her god-like husband from the house some time ago is talking about destroying a life; she is illiterate but has a master’s degree in double standards.

Hasmukh says that even though Vanraj and Leela went to bring Kinjal back, she decided to come here herself. He instructs Kinjal to make her own decision and to go to her mother’s house if she so desires. Rakhi dials her number. Kinjal refuses to accompany her, claiming that she is only furious at Toshu and not the entire family, and that she cannot deny the entire family of Pari’s affection because it is Pari’s first festival, and she wants Pari to celebrate it with her family. She abducts Pari. Leela inquires of Rakhi whether she has received her response. Toshu informs Rakhi that Anupama has already broken his house, but if he wants to repent and win Kinjal’s heart, she should not stop him, even if she can’t assist. Leela asks Rakhi to go if he has received her answer. Rakhi declares that she would not abandon Kinjal. Leela goes on. Hasmukh pulls Leela aside and says, “Let us celebrate a festival calmly together,” adding that he will message Anuj and Anupama to join them because it is Little Anu and Pari’s first festival. Leela examines Vanraj’s features.

Anupama advises to Anuj that he give the employees a Diwali bonus a week ahead of time to assist them enjoy the occasion. She says she couldn’t make festival sweets because she was too busy at work, and she wonders whether it’s okay if she buys them elsewhere. Anuj recalls Anupama’s first day at work, when she couldn’t even open her laptop, and now she handles his business. He advises her to focus on her dance academy while he handles business and Little Anu. He’s too good, she says. He tells her not to worry about the Shahs since Hasmukh, Samar, and others would handle them. He recites a shayari for her that describes his love for her. She claims he has gone insane. He smiles and recalls how much fun they used to have and sings Deewani Main Deewani. A tune is playing. Anupama circles him with her dancing. He takes her pallu and becomes romantic. Anupama reminds them that they are in office. Anuj claims she owns both the office and her husband.

Rakhi prepares green tea for Kinjal and tells her that the more she waits, the more difficult it will be for her to make decisions, so she should peel off the bandages from her wounds and accompany her home. Leela enters with laddus for her and explains that one cannot live a happy life without family. Vanraj then provides medicines and expresses his joy that Kinjal has come home, telling her that she need not worry about herself or Pari because the entire family will look after them. Kinjal is perplexed. Leela purchases lehanga choli from a vendor for Pari. Hasmukh requests a lehanga for a 7-year-old child from the merchant. Leela shouts that Little Anu’s parents must have spent lakhs on a luxury lehanga, why shall we waste money.

Hasmukh ignores her and goes out to buy lehangas. He says that navrati is beginning, that Anupama will arrive, and that there will be poojas and garbas. Anupama, according to Leela, will only cause problems. Hasmukh claims Leela is always causing issues and advises her to keep her lips shut and not provoke Kinjal. Kavya supports Hasmukh. Leela yells that Anupama will interfer with Toshu and Kinjal’s relationship and ruin their lives. Rakhi inquires as to if she truly believes this. Rakhi, according to Leela, was unable to persuade Kinjal to accompany her. Rakhi claims that this does not preclude Kinjal from agreeing again.

Back at home, Anupama thinks whether or not to call Kinjal. She notices Anuj attempting to assist Little Anu with her schoolwork. Little Anu assures them that they need not be concerned because she will learn and even teach them; she simply cannot recall poems. Anupama suggests that she sing poems instead of memorise them and gives an example. Kinjal spots Toshu and her portrait in the cupboard and is reminded of all the painful memories. Toshu declares that things are ideal, that he adores her and Pari, and tries to hug her from behind. She pushes him away and tells him to keep his mouth quiet.

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