Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2022 episode written update

Bhagya Lakshmi

The episode begins with Malishka entering the courtroom and discovering Rishi in good health. She wonders if they killed Rishi. She enters and inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts. Abhay inquires as to why you have come here. Malishka begins accusing Lakshmi, saying that today Rishi’s life is in risk because of you, and that today all family members are in danger because of you. She notices Rishi standing on the ice sill with a rope around his neck. Malishka approaches Lakshmi and says, “You used to behave great, and where is your love for them?” She requests that she inform the terrorist to murder her and leave the family alone. Lakshmi claims she stated 50000 times and begs Mohnish to murder her and leave everyone.

Balram predicts that Rishi will become cold at some point. Mohnish says, “One hero and two heroines, call the cops.” ACP claims that once we have authorization, we will murder the terrorists. Even if we don’t receive authorization, Inspector says we’ll kill them. Mohnish tells ACP that Rishi is on the verge of death and that his life is evaporating. He threatens if you don’t meet my demands quickly, I’ll start killing people, starting with Rishi. ACP requests that he wait till his demand is met and that he not harm anyone. Mohnish threatens to send one dead body every 10 minutes if his demand is not met. He calls his boss and informs him that Mohnish has gone insane and will do anything.

The SSP urges him to inform Mohnish that they are considering his demand. ACP claims I already spoke. He tells them that they have no choice but to comply with his demands and leave the other terrorists. According to the SSP, if they release the imprisoned terrorists, they will exact revenge and organise further bombings. ACP informs him about the terrorists hanging Rishi and asks, “What if they kill people?” SSP says he will speak with the Home Minister. When the reporter hears this, he asks the cameraman to open the camera. He continues, “Breaking news, we are outside the court, and Mohnish has held the Oberoi family captive, and if his demand is not met, he has threatened to hang Rishi Oberoi and others.”The reporter is asked to leave by the ACP and Inspector. Devika hears and declares that nothing will happen to Rishi Bhai. She sobs.

Mohnish asks the judge to strike the hammer, then declares, “I will deliver the judgement and cast all of your dead bodies out one by one.” Lakshmi notices Rishi standing on melting ice. Devika hopes that God will hear Dadi’s prayers, or else destruction will occur. Rishi smiles as he prepares to be hung. Lakshmi notices you smiling. Rishi answers yes in order to obtain good ideas. Mohnish believes you still believe you can leave here. He requests that the Oberoi family see him smile for the last time. Karishma instructs Virender to contact Commissioner in order for Rishi to be saved. Mohnish asks if Commissioner is your friend and then responds, “Let’s see what he does.”He claims that even if my three friends are released, he will kill Rishi because he will not allow his terror to end and will kill him.

Malishka throws a file at Mohnish. Mohnish inquires, “Who did this?” Ayush believes Malishka is insane in order to irritate him. He believes she will die and plans to kill everyone. Mohnish approaches Malishka with the intention of shooting her, but Lakshmi steps in front of him and claims Malishka flung it in fury. Mohnish claims Malishka is attempting to seduce your husband while you are preserving your sautan. Nothing, according to Lakshmi, is more important than anyone’s life. Ayush requests that the judge observe that Lakshmi cannot bear the thought of her adversary dying, and that you believe she will poison people’s meals.

He asks what proofs you seek for her innocence and requests that she be released from all accusations. The judge observes. Shalu says why are you saying this? She asks whether you believe we will all be released from here, and then Di’s case will begin, and she will be cleared of all accusations. She says no, Jiju and Di, and we can’t all be saved. Ayush inquires, “Really?” He requests that the judge declare Lakshmi’s innocence now, so that no one can claim that the Oberoi family bahu was a criminal after their deaths. He says to Mohnish Bhai, “I need a favour from you 1 minute.” We can be peaceful if Judge Saheb declares Lakshmi bhabhi innocent, he says. He claims just 1 minute. Mohnish asks if you want to tell a story. Ayush wishes for the Judge to rule that Lakshmi is innocent. Mohnish asserts that he is the Judge in this case and that Lakshmi is innocent. Ayush claims that my remark is meaningless. Mohnish says, “I’ll decide about you today,” and orders his men to begin preparing to light the fire. Malishka apologises and requests that he not spark the fire. His workers deliver the bundle of newspapers. Malishka declines. Mohnish refers to Malishka as a chota package and says, “You are already burning watching their love, how will I burn you?” He says he’ll provide his decision today.

They keep newspapers near the ice sill. Mohnish turns on the lighter. Lakshmi instructs him not to kindle the fire since ice melts quickly. Mohnish claims that’s why he’s igniting the fire: to melt the ice faster. He claims that frozen water will not cause the fire to ignite. He claims that there is no match for fire and water, and, like Rishi and this girl, claims that he is fire and she is water. He claims that the ice will soon shift away from Rishi’s feet and his life will be finished. He claims that while he cannot be freed, his soul will be. Ayush declines and inquires of Malishka why he provoked Mohnish. Malishka is also blamed by Ahana and Shalu. Karishma asks what your problem is, why you’re scolding Malishka, and explains that we’re in this situation because of Lakshmi. Neelam claims that if we hadn’t come here, there would have been no trap. She holds Lakshmi responsible. Kiran claims Malishka shares his feelings for Rishi. Sonia believes Lakshmi is the main perpetrator. Neelam believes Lakshmi is unlucky and that she has imprisoned us all. Virender inquires, “What are you saying, Neelam?” Stop the family drama and watch the actual drama now, adds Mohnish. He extinguishes the lighter.

Ganapati is kept near the tree by Dadi. Mantras are being sung. Mohnish lights the fire and waits for the ice to melt around Rishi. Lakshmi begs Mohnish to light the fire instead of killing her. The terrorist threw the photograph of Rishi standing with a rope around his neck. Dadi is horrified, yells, and sobs. ACP reads Mohnish’s letter, which states that he does not have much time. Ayush pushes Balram and is on his way to Rishi. Lakshmi arrives, knocks the terrorists aside, and enters the fire circle. She moves the table and ice sill while carrying Rishi on her shoulder. Rishi begs Lakshmi to accompany him and replies, “You can’t hold me, you know my weight; if you had gone to weight, you would have held me.” He invites her to accompany him. Lakshmi claims you went to the gym; why didn’t you lose weight? It might be useful today. Rishi tells her that you are arguing in this scenario and asks her to leave. When you’re in danger, Lakshmi responds, “I can’t see anything.” Rishi says, “Take care of your life, and let me die.” Lakshmi yells at Rishi, “If you’re alive, I’m alive!” Everyone is watching.

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