Bhagya Lakshmi 21st September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Bhagya Lakshmi

The episode begins with a reporter saying that everyone is praying for their family as police and commandos enter. She said we can only hope that everyone trapped inside survives. Nobody will be harmed, according to Dadi. The terrorists are forced to sit by the police. Dadi assures us that nothing will happen to anyone, that God will hear our prayers, and that everyone will be reunited with their family. Uday retrieves his phone, which he had hidden to record, and turns it off. He believes he has no idea how much is recorded. The terrorists are apprehended by the police and commandos.

Lakshmi and Rishi exit the courtroom, accompanied by family members and others. Dadi and Devika express their gratitude to Bappa. She claims that my family is safe, that my children are safeā€¦ She rushes up to Rishi and embraces him. She then embraces Lakshmi. Rishi claims Lakshmi is in pain. Lakshmi assures them that she is alright because her blessing was with them. Dadi embraces Ayush, Shalu, Bani, and Rano. Kiran claims that humans appear to be nothing to them. Malishka, according to Abhay, is not yet a member of their family. Malishka claims, “I believed Lakshmi’s narrative ended today,” and that either Mohnish will shoot her or she will be imprisoned. Dadi embraces Virender.

Rishi informs Lakshmi that he was happy to see her safe. He claims that when Mohnish pointed the gun at her, he couldn’t describe how he felt and couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. Lakshmi says you don’t need to say anything because your eyes speak for yourself. She mentions your eyes as well. He wipes her tears away. Dadi hugs them and wishes them a lifetime of happiness together. Balwinder believes he witnessed Rishi’s death and believes Lakshmi saved him even today. He believes that if she had been written into my life, she would have protected me. He considers leaving from there.

The ACP thanks the Oberois for fighting alongside the terrorists and blindfolding them in order to save everyone. Virender claims it is every citizen’s duty and admits they were afraid. Ayush attributes their inspiration to Lakshmi and Rishi. Ahana said they never lost their strength and were just worried for each other, not for themselves. Virender expresses his pride in them. Malishka claims she has motivated everyone and has challenged them to combat terrorists. She compliments herself. Ayush claims that blindfolding the terrorists was his idea. He then compliments the police.According to the reporter, blindfolding the terrorists is difficult. Ayush informs them that they are Oberois and that Malishka is not an Oberoi. He describes Lakshmi as Oberoi, my bhabhi, and their source of strength, courage, and power. Lakshmi is asked what she wants to say by the reporter. Lakshmi claims that they all love her and that their love is my strength, while Rishi is my courage. Rishi claims that Lakshmi has earned their affection and that she is willing to offer her life for them. He claims that people can’t help but love her.

Uday listens to the recording of Lakshmi and Rishi pleading with Mohnish to kill her/him and leave the other alone. Uday announces that we have major news and that he doesn’t understand why Lakshmi, who is suspected of poisoning many people, will save people from terrorists.

The reporter questions Judge about Mohnish’s plans. Mohnish, according to the judge, wanted to release his friends as well as kill me. He almost murdered me, but Rishi saved both me and Lakshmi. Oberois, according to the reporter, saved people. The judge expresses gratitude to Oberois for not allowing injustice to occur. Lakshmi is summoned by Dadi. Inspector arrives and informs Lakshmi that she must accompany us to jail. Ayush said she has helped a lot of people today. The inspector says the court will make the decision. Virender inquires if we can take her home today. The judge says not legally, that the hearing will take place on the next date, and that she must remain in jail until then.

Malishka believes my destiny has won and that Rishi will become hers. Rishi recalls his promise to Lakshmi and requests that the hearing be held today. He claims that because no injustice occurred in court today, no injustice will occur with Lakshmi, and he inquires as to how long she will be imprisoned. The judge agrees with you, and Lakshmi’s hearing will go place today. Ayush inquires of Rishi as to why he is acting in this manner. Rishi claims that I promised Lakshmi that she would return home today. Ayush hugs him and tells him, “If I love someone, I will love like you.” He requests that he smile. Rishi says I’ll grin when Lakshmi leaves.

Neha and Rano return home. Rano is preoccupied with his ideas. Mom, Neha says. Rano declares, “I am in my house, and I am alive.” Neha claims it is still alive. Rano responds in kind. She says you can’t imagine me dying or being saved there. She claims to have seen huge firearms in person. Neha wonders if Lakshmi was brave there, and if you blindfolded the terrorists. Rano replies sure, but she wants to forget about it all. She claims that she beat death and is now alive (alive). Neha considers herself to be her mother. She turns off the television.Uday claims to have fled from there, but he kept his phone to film everything. He says, “I’ll tell you how we saw death and beat it.” On TV, she sees Lakshmi protecting Rishi.

Karishma explains why Rishi was excited to do this. Neelam believes that if Lakshmi is punished, we won’t have to appear in court again. If Karishma agrees, Lakshmi and Rishi will split up, and Malishka will marry him. Malishka speculates on what Rishi will reveal today. Rishi informs the judge that they compromised on quality and quantity and purchased low-grade items. He claims that I informed the Chefs and everyone else that taste is unimportant, but earnings are. He claims that they have begun to use expired products. Neha is still watching the news.

Rishi claims that he compelled Lakshmi to accept him. He claims the food was not dangerous, but it made people sick since it was old. He accepts responsibility for the crime because he owns the motel. Lakshmi and the others are taken aback.

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