Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Bhagya Lakshmi serial

Rishi is with Lakshmi and asks if she is jealous, she does not understand, Rishi mentions he thought as he smelled the smell of jealousy but Lakshmi questions why would she feel jealous, Rishi replies he heard when they love someone and another person comes close to him, they feel jealous so he asks if she also loves him, Rishi pulls her close as tries to back away, he is just staring at her. Rishi mentions he was joking and never said it to her because she is just worthy of being a wife because she fights with goons and kidnappers, she even beats terrorists, Lakshmi replies she should now go and send Malishka inside, Rishi replies Malishka came here before her when Lakshmi mentions she came to meet him but he replies she might be going shopping so came here.

Aayush and Shalu both are sitting when she questions how is rishi, Aayush informs Rishi did not ask him how he was but was just worried why did Lakshmi Bhabhi not went to meet him, he is sure that when Rishi sees Lakshmi Bhabhi he would hug her, Aayush also hugs Shalu, she gets a little nervous so starts looking around when Aayush questions Shalu if the hug between Rishi and Lakshmi would be of a friend or love, Shalu is not able to answer. Lakshmi explains that she would have come before Aayush because he wanted to surprise him, to which Rishi responds that she must never hear any suggestion from Aayush because he was waiting for the time when Lakshmi would come to meet him, she is staring at him, and she keeps smiling as they both stare each other in the eyes.

The lady constable enters, asking Lakshmi to come because the time has expired; they both ask how quickly it finished, so they keep seeking five more minutes when they are demanding on just a little more time, but Lakshmi is hauled outside. Aayush and Shalu rush to meet her, and Lakshmi requests five more minutes with the inspector because she needs to discuss something essential with him, but the inspector refuses, and Lakshmi begins looking at Aayush, so he departs.

Malishka is sitting on the bed recalling how Lakshmi said she doesnot see anyone else except rishi, she starts thrashing the room when her mother comes questioning what is she doing, Malishka explains that she is doing this because she always get fed up to see both Rishi and Lakshmi come close to each other, her mother asks if she thinks they both really love each other, Malishka questions why does she always keep irritating her whenever she is tensed, Malishka mentions even Balvinder is the Markesh in her kundali, she is worried if eh tells the truth to everyone. Her mother tries to calm her, asking why she is concerned; Malishka adds that she has a gut feeling that their truth will be revealed this time, which is why she is concerned.

Aayush starts walking thinking about how Lakshmi looked at him in the police station and wonders why Lakshmi Bhabhi was angry at him, Shalu questions if they both should leave when he asks what she does to her, Shalu with a smile replies that now he has lost it all, Aayush does not understand when Shalu explains she might even slap him or twist his ears, she can even make him act like a hen, Shalu reveals Lakshmi once made her stand in the sun. Aayush responds that she does not appear to be interested, and when he says that Shalu should accompany Lakshmi Bhabhi, Shalu stops him from behind.

Virender is with his mother, who asks him to stop because she is fine; he replies that the heart should also remain calm because everything is fine; Dadi mentions that she will be calm when both of her children return home; Virender assures Rishi will return because the truth always prevails because neither Rishi nor Lakshmi has done anything wrong. Dadi explains that they have both suffered greatly since Lakshmi was imprisoned and Rishi has accepted the responsibility. Virender adds they both love each other; Dadi reminds him that everyone can see their love but they are unaware of it; she asks him to make sure everything is fine for them. After receiving a phone call, Virender departs.

When Lakshmi arrives and asks Aayuh to look at her, he instantly begins doing the punishments that worry Lakshmi, he apologises for making the error when Lakshmi cannot grasp it, and he even stands on one leg. Aayush explains that Shalu said she punishes them whenever she is angry. Shalu immediately starts blaming him for lying to her when they start quarreling. Lakshmi responds that she is angry at him because he planned a surprise and when she went inside, they both got into a quarrel, so she was unable to talk about something important with him. Aayush, after some thought, says that she need not be concerned since he will surely find a solution so that they can return inside, to which both Lakshmi and Shalu smile. Lakshmi even corrects him as he begins heading in the opposite direction.

Virender is on the phone with Mayank, who informs him that the investors have asked for a meeting after hearing of Rishi sir’s arrest. Virender assures him that he is prepared for it and knew it would happen, and he terminates the call directing Mayank to keep him updated. Dadi inquires as to who was on the call, he replies that Mayank was giving updates about the meeting, she inquires if he was going to meet Rishi, Virender replies that Lakshmi mentioned he should stay with Neelam, Dadi inquires as to what he is doing here, Virender replies that she is also ill and Neelam wants to stay alone, Dadi explains that Neelam is very intelligent but simply does not want to comprehend Lakshmi and that now that Rishi has gone to jail for her, everything will be fine.

Shalu drags Aayush to the police station, she takes the register and asks the inspector to file a complaint, he asks the constable to write it but they refuse when Shalu mentions that he stole her belongings, she replies he stole the hair pin hearing which they are all stunned, Shalu mentions she cannot lie but the point is that he is a thief, Lakshmi tells Aayush to take the lady constable away; he wonders why no one is listening to him, stating that she also stole something extremely significant that belongs to him; Lakshmi sees the opportunity and rushes inside; Shalu is perplexed, so he informs him that it is all an act.

Karishma is with Sonya in the room, she informs that Shalu has started talking back to them, and even her father was supporting them both, Karishma replies Virender brother would surely support her since she is the sister of Lakshmi, Sonya replies even then Lakshmi has ruined their house, she has also felt something is going between Aayush and Shalu, Karishma assures there is nothing of the sort since he just supports her because she is the sister of Lakshmi and nothing else, Sonya also agrees with her.

Rishi is sitting in the cell thinking that his meeting with Lakshmi ended on an argument, how it would have been better if they ended it on a better note, Rishi wishes only if Lakshmi could come back one more time which is when he sees Lakshmi searching the cell but refuses to believe the truth so questions the other cell mates to pinch him but the person hits him, Lakshmi rushing questions why did they beat him, Rishi replies it happened because of her since he could not believe she came back, so asked the cell mate to punch him.

Lakshmi asks if he was thinking about her, he says that he was thinking about her because he wanted to quarrel, Lakshmi urges him to stop explaining that she returned because she had something important to chat with him about, she grabs his hand when they both swiftly draw it away after feeling the shock, Lakshmi stares at Rishi in surprise.

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