Bhagya Lakshmi 29th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Bhagya Lakhmi serial

The episode begins with Rishi hugging Lakshmi as soon as he sees her in jail. Main phir bhi tumko… He asks her to say something. Lakshm inquires, “What?” Rishi says the same thing that other ladies say: their husbands have slimmed down. Lakshmi claims that I have no right to say anything because you are here because of me. She confirms that you have slimmed down considerably. Rishi claims he is accustomed to eating at home and cannot accept jail food. Lakshmi questions why you blamed yourself when you could have eaten home meals if you had been at home. Rishi claims that when you were in jail, I was unable to eat. He claims he cannot imagine her in trouble and thus cannot see her in jail. Lakshmi asks if I don’t care about him and tells him to stay in jail, stay hungry, and that she will not come to meet him or bring him food. Rishi inquires as to why she is becoming enraged. Lakshmi wonders who began it. Rishi claims that the husband must apologise because he has a wife like you. He apologises. She expresses her regret as well. Rishi thinks you’re unique and that Mom never apologised to Dad. Lakshmi says she will inform Mummy ji. Rishi claims he was kidding in order to make her happy. Neelam beams. Rishi, too, smiles. The song is played again.

Lakshmi gives him the tiffin and informs him that she has brought all of his favourite foods from home. Rishi’s mouth is being fed by her. Rishi feeds her and then requests that she feed him with her hand. Lakshmi thinks I succeeded. Rishi claims it lacks salt. He then claims to be joking. They consume the meal. Rishi requests that she force him to eat quickly and that she eat on time or he will not speak to her for 6 months. Take me out of here, he says. Lakshmi inquires about Mukesh. Rishi claims to be trustworthy, but I can’t guarantee that if he becomes greedy or powerless in order to obtain money from someone. Lakshmi promises to meet him. Rishi claims he ate the food and requests that she force him to consume gulab jamun. She forces him to consume gulab jamun and requests that he wash his hand with her pallu. He inquires as to who is responsible for this. My Bau ji, says Lakshmi. Rishi inquires as to whether he adored your mother. He uses her pallu to clean his hands and mouth. He inquires about the case. Lakshmi promises to meet Mukesh. Lakshmi is summoned by the lady constable. Rishi advises her to look after herself. Lakshmi departs. Rishi glances at her and thinks, “She just left, and I’m missing her.”

Virender talks with Mayank. Ayush comes up. Virender says a legal notice arrived. Ayush claims that all of our regular clients have cancelled all of their deals and contracts. Mayank informs him that the food department has sent us a notice. Because of Rishi’s statement, Ayush says. Virender promises that everything will be fine. Mayank apologises for saying this, but if Rishi Sir had not made this statement, this would not have happened. Virender claims that everything he did was to save Lakshmi. Ayush claims he did the right thing.

Malishka comes to see Rishi and wonders why he didn’t come to meet her first. She intends to murder Lakshmi. Rishi shows up. Malishka hugs him and tells him, “I’ve missed you so much.” She questions why you took responsibility for saving Lakshmi. She claims we would have released her. Rishi wonders why she is staying here. Malishka introduces himself as Rishi Oberoi and inquires if you are looking nice in jail and for whom. Rishi is speaking for Mrs. Lakshmi Oberoi. Malishka believes it is a suicide. Rishi says that isn’t from my perspective because I can’t see Lakshmi being tortured. Malishka inquires, “Can’t you see me tortured?” She adds, “I am your Malishka, who sincerely loves you and saved you from terrorists; I did not care about my life, risked my life, and frees your hands.” She said you thought Lakshmi was wonderful as she carried you on her shoulders. Rishi claims that whatever Lakshmi did is to blame. Malishka says she would have done it, or Ayush would have done it, and that Lakshmi didn’t do a good job. Today, everyone and you are on her side. Rishi inquires whether you come to disparage Lakshmi or to meet with me.

Malishka says she came to meet her love and requests to him not be sarcastic. She expresses her want to share her grief with someone. She promises to hire the best lawyer for him. Rishi claims that Dad and Ayush will manage everything. Malishka requests that he also assume Lakshmi’s name. She claims she wants to do it for you and asks if she will give her life for you. She bumps her head against the wall. Rishi tries to stop her and asks, “Have you gone insane?” Malishka wonders why you don’t understand. Rishi says, “PS, don’t do any drama.” She says you took Lakshmi’s blame on yourself, therefore I will take yours. She says I’ll consider myself lucky if I can save you. Rishi says it is unnecessary and that Lakshmi will save him. Malishka asks him to explain it to her. Rishi claims that Lakshmi told him that if they talk to Mukesh, they will acquire some information. She claims Lakshmi went to meet him and that she will be out shortly. Malishka bids her farewell. He enters the house. Malishka believes she cannot allow this to happen.

Balwinder shows his hand to a palmist. According to the palmist, if you love someone, you will receive something, but your life is in danger. According to Balwinder, the threat is hidden inside the prison walls. According to the palmist, danger is behind you. Malishka believes she must save herself before pursuing Rishi. Balwinder notices Malishka’s fast car and asks Palmist if she is the source of the problem. Malishka is a quick driver. Balwinder and Palmist flee.

A guy enters the prison and begins hitting Rishi, claiming that his brother is in the hospital because of you. Rishi claims that he has never met your brother. He retaliates. Balwinder is saved, but the car collides with another vehicle. The palmist requests payment. Balwinder hands him cash. Malishka jumps out of the car and scolds the other driver. She requests that the lady pay for the harm. The lady also had an argument with her. Balwinder considers saving her. Rishi informs the goon that he did nothing wrong. The goon claims to have committed four murders and plans to commit another today.

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