Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 27th September 2022 episode written update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Virat tells Bhavani not to include Vinayak in her plans because he will not allow any atrocities against Vinayak. Bhavani cries and curses that Sai’s name alone disturbs their family’s tranquillity. Pakhi consoles her and tells her that Vinayak is very sensitive about Vinayak and that they can discuss it later when Vinayak’s condition improves. Savi dials Vinayak’s number. Bhavani requests that Pakhi terminate and prevent Savi’s phone call. She is correct. Virat contacts a professional and requests that he come to Vinayak and examine him. The doctor concurs. Pakhi informs Virat that she would apply the medicinal paste prescribed by Savi to Vinayak’s knees until the doctor arrives.

Virat breaks the bowl. Pakhi wonders why he is expressing Sai’s rage on the medicine. Virat declares that he will never seek Sai’s assistance, even if she is the last doctor on the planet, and will instead employ the best doctor for Vinayak. Savi is dissatisfied. Vinayak, according to Sai, will never call or meet her again, therefore she should forget him. If Vinayak is unable to travel here, Savi says they can pay him a visit. Sai promises they won’t and urges her to forget about Vinayak once more. Savi is depressed and sobs.

Specialist¬†visits¬†Vinayak.¬† Vinayak becomes emphatic about only being treated by doctor aunty. Virat becomes enraged and begs that he be treated by Nagpur’s best doctor. Doctor claims people recover via willpower; he should contact that doctor if a child wishes to be treated only by that doctor. Virat instructs him to carry out his responsibilities because the doctor will not be present. He walks out and sobs, feeling bad about how he treated Vinayak. Ninad consoles him and asks as to the reason of his annoyance. Virat claims he took out his rage on Vinayak because of Sai. Ninad tells him to calm down and manage the situation maturely because Vinayak is a kid who knows Sai from his experience and Virat’s; Virat, too, has the same faith in Sai and it is not his fault. Virat inquires as to what he want to convey. Ninad suggests calling Sai here for Vinayak’s sake. Virat becomes obstinate and refuses to call Sai.

Sai agrees to accompany Savi to Nagpur. At a market, Jagtap sees Usha, who informs him that Sai has agreed to visit Nagpur for Savi. Jagtap expresses his delight that Savi would meet her father. Usha expresses gratitude to her for persuading Sai with her explanation. Jagtap believes he can do anything to make Savi and Sai happy. Virat offers Vinayak Savi’s gifted Ganesh’s family idol and tells him a story about Ganeshji’s respect for his parents and regard for them as his entire world. Pakhi believes Ganeshji is extremely intelligent. According to Virat, the moral of the story is that a child is a parent’s entire world and vice versa; people will come and go in a person’s life, but family would never abandon them, and the person who abandons them is not one of their closest friends. He wonders if he realises how much he adores him. Vinayak claims to be aware. Virat requests that he stop talking about Sai and Savi for them and seek therapy from another doctor. viayak concurs.

At home, Bhavani prays God to heal Vinayak as quickly as possible, saying she doesn’t want to hurt Vinayak and is just concerned about her family. Sonali and Omkar encourage her not to feel guilty because she made the best option for the family. Harini’s tongue lashes Bhavani for psychologically and physically tormenting Vinayak and informs him that he can file a police report against her. She begs her to quit attempting to dominate everyone because it negatively affects them both mentally and physically. Bhavani screams, “Don’t teach her!” Harini walks away, declaring that talking to her is pointless.

Back at the hospital, Pakhi is concerned about Vinayak and asks Ashwini whether they can’t get Sai to cure him. Ashwini advises her not to mention Sai because their meeting at a camp was purely coincidental. Pakhi reminds her that she was the one who most trusted Sai and encouraged her to become the best doctor. Ashwini claims she is unaware of any of this and only knows that keeping Sai away from Vinayak is best for Vinayak. Vinayak attempts to get out of bed to use the restroom and falls. Pakhi comes to him, concerned, and sobs upon seeing him sobbing. Virat hurries to the doctor’s office. Pakhi informs Ashwini that Vinayak’s condition has deteriorated further.

Vinayak assures her that he will not take doctor aunty’s name and will have medicines prescribed by another doctor. Pakhi is in tears. Virat has brought a doctor. Pakhi claims Vinayak is hesitant to use Sai and Savi’s names because of Virat, but only Sai can treat Vinayak, so they should set aside their disagreements and summon Sai. Ashwini becomes firm and insists that Vinayak keep away from Sai and Savi for the sake of Vinayak and them. Pakhi believes Virat and Ashwini are not comprehending and that she must intervene.

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