Gigi Hadid’s father reacts to dating rumours about her daughter

Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio

Recently, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio have been in the news due to dating rumours. Following their respective breakup, news that the actor and the supermodel are “getting to know each other” prompted dating rumours. Leo and Gigi appeared to be cuddling in a snapshot of the two that was posted online, which was taken at a friend’s party in New York.

In the midst of these rumours, Mohamed Hadid, the supermodel’s father, spoke out about Leonardo and described him as a good guy. “Mr. DiCaprio is a very kind man, and I met him in St. Tropez four or five years ago. I enjoyed him, “To The Daily Mail, he spoke. They are buddies and have known each other for a while, he continued. My daughter and I have not discussed Mr. DiCaprio. They don’t seem to be dating; rather, I assume they are just close pals. But I’m not really sure.”

Leo and Gigi have  “mostly [been] hanging out with groups,” the source told Page Six, adding, “and solo a number of occasions.” The rumour mill stated, “[DiCaprio] is not someone who enters and exits relationships frequently. He does not flit from hookup to hookup. They are moving slowly. Leo and Gigi are not now searching for a committed relationship, a source also told E! News. “Gigi and Leo have spent a lot of time together and are interested in one another. He’s an extremely cool guy, according to Gigi. The majority of their hangouts have developed as a result of frequenting the same social gatherings, the source continued.

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