I don’t like to lose – and we didn’t deserve it: Barcelona Manager Xavi

Barcelona Manager Xavi
I think we were better team: Barcelona Manager Xavi

The UEFA Champions League Group C match between Barcelona and Bayern Munich was played on Tuesday night at the Allianz Arena. Barcelona manager Xavi claimed that his team did not deserve to lose 2-0 to Bayern Munich. Xavi also acknowledged that his team made mistakes in the match despite dominating it for the first 45 minutes.

“I’m p*ssed off. I’m p*ssed off. I don’t like to lose – and we didn’t deserve it. I think we were better, we dominated them. We were better. But this is the Champions League. The process was good, but the result was bad. It was a golden opportunity to win at this stadium, and we leave with a defeat. I’m p*ssed off,” Xavi said after Barcelona’s defeat.

“It wasn’t Lewandowski’s day. He played with too much emotion and wasn’t as clinical as he usually is. It’s impressive what Barcelona have done in the last year. After the goal, the energy levels dropped. But it wasn’t a clear win for Bayern, the game could have also finished a draw,” he added.

Xavi further said “We must learn lessons for our next game. And I am not talking about Inter but about Elche (Bundesliga side) this Saturday. This is about learning, improving and doing things better. Tonight we played a very good game in many respects, better than Bayern in many ways. We deserved to win but we didn’t, so we must work and improve with the same degree of humility. Had we won I would have said the same thing.”

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