Imlie 21st September 2022 episode written update

Imlie serial scene

Imlie is looking for Cheeni, while Atharv is looking for the voice he heard just now. He stands behind Imlie, completely unaware of her presence. Imlie’s dupatta soars into the air and lands on Atharv’s face. Cheeni walks between them and stops to look at Atharv. Imlie requests that Cheeni fetch her dupatta. Cheeni retrieves it from Atharv and gives it to Imlie. Atharv is removed by the manager. Cheeni chastises Imlie for entering the crowd and tells her to go outside and wait. Imlie answers Rupali’s phone call and tells her that she and Cheeni are on their way. A boy bumps into her, knocking her phone to the ground.

Imlie finds a boy who has dropped a white powder sachet and returns it to him. He is hesitant to accept it. She claims she already has a headache from the crowd and that he should return his packet. It’s a headache medicine, according to the boy. Imlie inquires if the medicine is from an ayurvedic shop. When the boy notices the police searching him, he flees away. Police are tired of hunting for him and complain about having a headache while trailing a narcotics seller. Imlie hands them white powder and claims it would relieve their headache. Cheeni wants to escape the musical venue but is stopped by Atharv singing Rukjaa O Dil Deewane.. Her friends warn him about Imlie’s arrest, and she becomes terrified.

Arpita and Rupali are concerned about Imlie and Cheeni. Narmada watches the news and tells that Cheeni has been arrested for drug trafficking. Arpita and Rupali are not convinced. Narmada claims Imlie is paying for her sins because Narmada lost her son as a result of Imlie. Arpita requests that she stop blaming innocent Imlie. Imlie composes a poem in the police station. Constbale inquires as to whether she is a poet. Imlie compares poetry to her mother in that it provides her with peace of mind. Cheeni comes and pleads that the inspector leave Imlie alone because she is harmless and behaves like an old Ambassador car model. Inspector cautions her that assisting a drug trader will land her in hot water. Atharv arrives and says he came to rescue Cheeni. He requests that the inspector question Imlie only once. Inspector interrogates Cheeni about a powder. Cheeni claims it’s a churan/herbal remedy sold by a business on her house lane; her entire family takes it and the headaches go away. She goes on to say that a man dropped it in her hand and fled.

Atharva claims he will collect and show CCTV evidence from his club’s surrounding region to prove Imlie’s innocence. Inspector informs Imlie that the medicine is lethal. Imlie panics and apologises for the confusion; she promises to discover the offender and deliver him over. Cheeni wonders if they may leave now because it is too late. Akash, Atharv’s brother, notifies their father, Rudra Rana, that Atharv is in police custody. According to his wife Kia, Atharav was arrested today. Rudra is enraged that his younger son, business tycoon Rudra Rana, has been arrested twice today. Akash tries to soothe him. Rudra takes his rage out on Akash and Kia. His sister Shivani and wife strive in vain to calm him down. Wife is concerned about Atharv.

Cheeni scolds Imlie for her stupid actions as they walk back home. Atharv pulls over and offers to drive them home. Cheeni expresses gratitude for his assistance. Atharv focuses solely on Cheeni and listens to a romantic tune while driving, his gaze fixed on Cheeni. Cheeni likes the song. Imlie offers money to an enunch beggar at a traffic light. Enunch bestows blessings on her and Atharav’s jodi. Cheeni believes that people make up stories when they see a boy and a girl together, and that a boring Imlie should never be partnered with DJ Arto.

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