Imlie 22nd September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Imlie tv serial

As Atharv takes Cheeni and Imlie home, he stops at a traffic signal. Imlie offers money to a eunuch beggar. Beggar blesses Imle and Atharv’s jodi. Atharv and Imlie exchange uneasy looks. Atharv arrives at Rathore’s residence and tries to open the car door for Cheeni, but she opens it before him, bruising his foot. Imlie inquires about his well-being. Cheeni claims to be a superman who does not feel pain. Imlie thanks Atharv for his assistance.Cheeni walks towards home, holding her hand. Atharv has fallen in love with Cheeni and hopes she will look at him once. She stares at him and continues walking. Atharv is ecstatic. Imlie and Cheeni arrive home. Arpita wishes Imlie a happy birthday and informs her that a cake is on its way. Narmada chastises Arpita for wanting to celebrate Imlie’s birthday, for whom she lost her son and is now losing her family’s reputation.

Rupali inquires of Imile about how she arrived at a police station rather than a shrine. Cheeni was taking Imlie to temple, and she wanted to catch a concert, so Cheeni drove her there. She accepts responsibility and apologises to bandar/Sundar phoopa/uncle. Sundar apologises and asks if she wants to cut a cake. Narmada tosses away the cake, stating that she will not allow anyone to celebrate the birth of an unlucky girl because of whom she lost her son. Imlie is consoled by Arpita. Cheeni is grateful to God that Imlie saved her.

Atharv has returned home. Rudra criticises him for ruining the family’s reputation and advises him that it is better to stay childless than to have a child like him. Hearing that makes Atharv sad. On the other hand, Imlie is depressed. Cheeni has brought a birthday cake. Sundar, Arpita, and Rupali walk in, singing “Happy Birthday, Birthday.” Imlie gives Cheeni a warm hug. Rupali wonders if she will have to leave Cheeni if someone important enters her life by her next birthday. Imlie has stated that she will not abandon her sister. Atharv gets into his automobile, remembering Rudra’s harsh words. He notices a scrap of paper and discovers Imlie’s poetry on it. Imlie celebrates her birthday by cutting cake.

Rudra and his wife Devika discuss how Atharv is gifted but wastes his time with music, and how his oldest son Akash tries to find shortcuts to success, which he dislikes, and what he may do instead of being enraged. His sister enters and tells him that after he gets married, he will no longer have to run behind music. Rudra inquires as to who will marry Atharv. Imile inquires of Cheeni about her future marriage. Cheeni refers to someone who is extremely wealthy and has access to anything she desires. Everything belongs to Imlie, just as she takes care of her.

Atharv’s cousins inform him that Rudra is going to search a girl for him. Atharav remembers Cheeni. Devika enters and asks Atharv if he is not yet ready as they are going to a girl’s house. Atharv says he doesn’t want to marry. Devika says they are going to Rudra’s friend’s daughter’s marriage. Cousins laugh on Atharv. Atharv asks if its necessary for him to accompany them. Devika says Rudra is angry and needs some peace of mind. Cousins joke who knows Atharv may find his Bebo there. Akash and his wife discuss that once Atharv brings a wife like him, Rudra will realize their value. Atharv gets busy in music and remembers Cheeni, thinks he likes Cheeni.

Atharv’s cousins notify him that Rudra is going to look for a girl for him. Atharav recalls Cheeni. Devika walks in and asks Atharv if he is ready yet because they are going to a girl’s house. Atharv states that he does not wish to marry. Devika informs him that they are heading to Rudra’s friend’s daughter’s wedding. Cousins make fun of Atharv. Atharv inquires if he is required to accompany them. Devika claims Rudra is upset and in need of some peace. Cousins joke that Atharv might discover his Bebo there. Akash and his wife agree that once Atharv brings a wife like him, Rudra will recognise how valuable they are. Atharv becomes preoccupied with music and recalls Cheeni, thinking he likes Cheeni.

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