Imlie 26th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Imlie serial

Atharv recalls hearing Imlie’s poem during his concert.Imlie observes Parul beside the roadside and requests that Atharv stops his car.┬áHe yells that she scared him and drives away, leaving her in the car. Imlie takes a walk to Parul. Parul laments that she was right about her boyfriend being a liar; he eloped with her valuables. Imlie is sorry for her situation. Parul is concerned about her parents and believes they must have been devastated by her betrayal. Imlie consoles her. After learning about Parul’s disappearance, the groom’s family lashes out at her relatives at the wedding location. Parul’s parents lie about her going to a neighbouring temple with a friend and returning soon. They separate the groom’s parents for a private conversation.

Cheeni asks her family why they don’t just tell everyone that Parul has eloped and put an end to this mess. Marriage, according to Arpita, is a delicate subject that must be handled with care. Cheeni becomes adamant. Rupali warns Cheeni to put an end to her drama. Cheeni inquires whether she believes Imlie will bring Parul back. Rupali claims that trust is in Imlie’s DNA; her parents kept all of their commitments, and Imlie will as well. Cheeni sways, knowing heroji/Aryan better than Imlie, and Imlie is not heroji. She claims Imlie will fail to bring Parul. She then thinks that Parul’s parents would be humiliated as a result of them and hopes to find a rich boy for herself here. She picks up a food plate, runs into Rudra, and humiliates him by asking him to walk with a stick if he is having difficulty walking owing to his age; he was ready to ruin her dress. Rudra observes her audacity in silence.

Parul’s boyfriend is overjoyed after escaping with her jewelry. Imlie approaches her disguised as an elderly woman waiting for a bus. Her boyfriend requests that she give him her jewelry because she is unable to carry such hefty jewelry. Imlie refuses to believe him. He displays Parul’s jewels and declares that he will store his mother’s valuables in a locker. Imlie orders him to bring water and switches her jewels for Parul’s. The bus arrives. Imlie’s boyfriend pulls her away and flees aboard a bus.

Imlie yells that a thief stole her jewelry. Parul wonders why Imlie sacrificed her jewelry to defend it. Imlie believes that the bride’s jewelry is more essential than her own. Boyfriend takes over the bus and follows Imlie and Parul. They both flee. Parul collapses. Imlie pushes Parul aside, saving her, and stands in front of the bus, which is ready to smash them. Atharv arrives in his car just in time to save Imlie.

Cheeni tries to inform the groom’s parents about Parul’s elopement, but Rupali pulls her aside and scolds her. Cheeni is rude to Rupali and Arpita. Sundar cautions her. Atharv gets into a confrontation with Parul’s boyfriend and severely humiliates him for betraying the innocent Parul. He requests that the mob turn over the goon to authorities. Akash contacts him and asks what he should tell him. Parul want to apologise to her parents and fiance Puneet for her error. Imlie steals Parul’s boyfriend’s suitcase and flees with Atharv and Parul.

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