Imlie 27th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Imlie serial

Groom Puneet’s parents inform bride Parul’s parents that they are unable to stay any longer because it is too late. Imlie walks in with Parul and Atharv. Cheeni fumes as everyone looks at them in amazement. Parul tells Puneet about her mistake and says she doesn’t want to start a new chapter in her life on lies. Imile describes the significance of this lengthy conversation to him. Puneet says he used to enjoy Parul, but now he admires and appreciates her for her candour.

Cheeni complains that Imlie is always interfering and causing her problems. When Rudra sees Atharv with Parul and Imlie, he becomes enraged and asks Devika why he constantly gets into problems. Narmada rants at Imile as usual, threatening to end the marriage. Puneet informs his parents that he is ready to marry Parul and wonders why they aren’t dancing at his wedding. The parents of the bride and groom congratulate each other.

Puneet’s parents question Parul about why she left the wedding location. Parul is going to adopt Cheeni’s name, when Imlie intervenes, claiming that Parul’s chappal/footwear was stolen and that they needed to go out to purchase a new one. She praises Atharv for returning the bride on time before muhurat. Cheeni becomes envious and believes Imlie has won the battle and ruined her goal. Rudra is pleased to see Atharv being lauded. He expresses gratitude to Imlie for saving Parul’s marriage. Imlie touches his foot to receive his blessings and notices his wounded leg. She forces him to sit and nurse his wound, further impressing Rudra and his family.

Parul’s wedding is over. She expresses gratitude to Imlie for her assistance. Imlie wishes her well in her new endeavour and encourages her to accept her parents’ blessings. Parul accepts the blessings of the elders while Imlie recites a poem/shayari on a happy marriage. Narmada says Geeta and Mahesh are fortunate to be able to witness their daughter’s bidayi, but some parents have left the world because of their child. Hearing that makes Imlie unhappy. She inquires about Cheeni.

Imlie sits fuming in the garden. Atharv approaches her. She wonders what he’s doing here and fears that if she chastises him for ruining her plan, he’ll tell everyone that she tried to elope with Parul. She pretends to be sorry for forcing Parul to elope. Atharv tells her to rest because she had no idea Parul’s boyfriend was a swindler. Cheeni claims that all she did was for the sake of love, which she holds in great regard. Rudra informs Devika that he is proud of Atharv for the first time in a long time because of Imlie, and they plan Atharv’s wedding together. Devika says she likes Imlie since she is from the Rathore family and aims to propose an alliance with her. Cheeni tells Atharv that she doesn’t mind if others blame her for her error and wants to hear his thoughts on the matter. Atharv says he believes she’s really gorgeous and doesn’t mind if she makes a mistake knowingly. Imlie believes she does not want to look like a bechari since she is unique. In his heart, Atharv still admires Cheeni. Rudra informs Devika that he just wants Cheeni in Atharv’s life.

Imlie walks out of her residence the next morning and grabs a copy of the Bhaskar Times. Narmada grabs it from her and tells her that Bhaskar Times is Imlie and Aryan’s pride and dream, that she lost her children because of Imlie, and that she would not let Imlie touch their dreams again. Imlie is sobbing.

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