Imlie 28th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Imlie serial

Imlie is saddened by Narmada’s harsh statements ordering her not to touch the Bhaskar Times News Paper. Sundar hands her a newspaper. She is overjoyed. He reads her shayari/poem that was published in the newspaper and asks how she feels about having her shayari published. She instructs him not to speak loudly and shuts the door. He claims that learning she is a poet would make anyone happy. She speaks her opinion and claims that just a few will. She claims he is pleased with her talent and displays all of the published collections of her poems. Nobody will read her poems, she claims, because he is her bandar phupa/uncle. Atharv reads her poetry and says he keeps all of this poet’s poems and is looking for her; he believes he will find her soon. He believes his hookline is effective. Cheeni authored these poems and wonders when she would expose her identity.

Sundar continues to praise Imlie’s abilities. Arpita and Rupali enter. Sundar becomes frightened and hides the newspaper, believing that they have discovered her poems. Arpita believes Imlie can’t hide her old phone and should replace it. She hands over her credit card and insists on purchasing a new phone. Imlie is hesitant, but Arpita persuades her. Imlie says she’ll bring Cheeni along and purchase her a new phone as well. Rupali cautions her not to because she replaces her phone every month. Imlie accompanies Cheeni. Cheeni is pleased to see a new phone model and becomes unhappy when she realises Rupali will mock her for getting a new phone every month. Imlie offers to trade her old phone for a new one. Cheeni wonders whether she really wants to do that because she frequently offers her items. Imlie claims she can give her everything she owns. Cheeni acts emotional and believes Imlie is an idiot who is only beneficial to her.

Rupali learns about Cheeni’s manipulation of Imile and yells, claiming that Cheeni always steals Imlie’s rights. Anu enters and warns her not to mention anything negative about Cheeni, her biological aunt. According to Rupali, sisters should look out for one another. Anu says Imlie snatched Malini’s right and that if she is talking about equality, Cheeni should have a 50% property share, but Imlie has everything, so Cheeni must take anything she can. Rupali claims that the generation has evolved and that she, too, should cease her theories. Anu promises to make sure Cheeni gets what she deserves. Rupali claims she is keeping Cheeni from ruining her own life in the same way that a true biological aunt would.

Devika enters Atharv’s room and addresses him as DJ Arto. Atharv inquires as to what occurred to her today. Devika claims that his papa is overjoyed with him, especially since he saved Rupali’s marriage. Atharv claims that his father never loved him and that he should accept that he is an adult with his own objectives. Devika claims that his father is concerned about his future and has relocated him. Rudra and Mahesh pay a visit to the Rathore household. Sundar (calling them uncle??) welcomes them. Narmada, addressing Mahesh as bhaisaheb, inquires about Parul’s well-being. Mahesh claims she is fine by the grace of God. Anu notices Rudra and wonders what a crorepati is doing in this place. Rudra informs Narmada that he has come to look for something.

Atharv’s cousins harass him by asking if he has found love. Atharv declares that he has fallen in love and requests them to assist him in finding his lady love because they both attended Parul’s wedding. They claim that their friend Tara must know that girl. He contacts Tara, then several other girls, till he obtains an aunty’s number, who claims she can give him the number of a gorgeous girl who accompanied that girl. He phones Imlie and says he’s looking for a girl who assisted Rupali.

Imlie thinks who he is who is asking her for her phone number and adds that girl’s name is Imlie. He asks if she can provide him Imlie’s phone number. Imlie tries to explain who she is when Cheeni grabs her phone and swaps sim cards. Atharv discovers that the number is unreachable and hopes to contact her soon. Cousins tease them about informing relatives about the girl. Atharv states that if he finds her, he will notify her family and tell her that he loves her.

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