Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2022 episode written update

A secene from Kukum Bhagya

The episode begins with Ranbir telling Prachi that he doesn’t no feelings for her. A slap sound can be heard. Ranbir suggests that you marry Sid, create a family with him, and be happy. I don’t want to bind you to me, so I ask her to settle down in London after her marriage to Sid, and I don’t want to see your betrayal memories here, only your love memory. Prachi feels like he’s slapping her with his words. Ranbir gets into his car and drives away. He recalls Sid telling him that Prachi’s baby is his, and so forth. He yells Prachi and sips alcohol. He then throws the bottle from the car and speeds away. He is involved in an accident, gets out of his car, sits on the ground, and thinks, “I can’t think anything without you, how will I live, and if I don’t survive, how will I die?” He claims that my identity is owed to you, and that if you are not with me, I am nothing. She sobs.

Sid enters Prachi’s room and calls her name. Prachi inquires as to your purpose for being here and states that she does not wish to see your face. Sid thinks you’re good and want the best for everyone who has wronged you, and that you gave Rahul and Priya a second chance. Prachi has had enough and declares, “I loathe you and will always despise you; you have betrayed my confidence.” She asks, “How did you think?” and informs me that we have an illegitimate relationship. She claims that if you drink amrit in front of me, you are likewise humbled in front of my eyes. She claims that I had a special place in my heart for my brother, and I saw you with that vision, and you took care of me like your sister when Ranbir and I were separated. She wants him to explain why he labelled our relationship illegitimate. She requests that he say anything.

Sid says I can’t tell you why I did it. He claims that you have no idea what was going on in my life and thinking. Prachi replies, “I never believed you could be that incorrect,” and she is right. Aaliya is standing there, listening in. Yes, she says. Sid becomes terrified and flees. Prachi inquires as to where he is fleeing to. Aaliya claims she arrived at the incorrect time and that two lovers were arguing. Prachi shuts the door behind her. Rhea comes to the door. Prachi declares, “I don’t want to chat.” Rhea says she wants to chat to you and has bought you a wonderful saree; you will look stunning for your engagement. She said tonight would be difficult for us, begs her to retain the saree, and wishes her all the best.

Prachi approaches her from behind and calls her. Rhea remembers Aaliya’s plan. Prachi inquires as to why you brought engagement clothing for me. Rhea says she is your sister and is delighted for your happiness while you are angry. Prachi says she understands why you’re thrilled. Rhea says, “Tell me every now and then that I’m a good sister.” Prachi claims you are a bad sister who is also dishonest. Rhea asks if you understand what it is to be loyal and honest. Prachi replies, “I answered you by looking into your eyes.” Rhea claims that when I was about to marry Ranbir, you took him away from me, and then when I married Sid, you became pregnant with his child.

Prachi asks, “What nonsense?” People will say gibberish if Shahana comes there and says nonsense. Prachi, according to Rhea, loves Ranbir but will marry Sid. She claims that she cannot have both. She suggests that if you want this family’s happiness, marry Sid, but if you want to be selfish and only worry about yourself, stay with Ranbir. She says you can’t do it because you do one thing and say another. She claims you are an enemy of the home who wants to cause trouble for everyone, and that you are Ranbir’s panauti. Shahana wonders who you are and comments that you are staying on his kundali like saade saati.

Rhea asks, “Did I ask you to say?” Shahana says one thing is certain: you can’t be happy or provide happiness to anyone else, and she invites her to the Himalayas. She expresses pity for her because she is Pragya’s daughter. Rhea adds, “And you’re stuck as a buddy with this family.” Prachi requests silence and informs Rhea that she has no feelings for Ranbir. Rhea says you accepted it, but no one will believe it, and she begs her to prove that you don’t love him and only want the happiness of the house. Prachi succumbs to her provocative statements and declares that she would demonstrate that she has no affections for Ranbir and has only prayed for this property.She claims she would get engaged to Sid to prove it, and that today is the final day for you to believe she has affections for him. She walks away. Rhea takes Shahana’s hand in hers. Shahana requests that she not grasp her hand. Rhea says she will not agree with your statements. Shahana believes you are a witch. Yes, I am, Rhea says, dangerous words.

Prachi walks outside and considers Rhea’s daring statements. She thinks I want to fix everything, yet everything is falling apart and sliding through her fingers. She claims that I came to get retribution on Ranbir, but he changed his mind and promised me that we would go somewhere else and have our own world, but I was naive to ignore him and couldn’t see that they both love one other. She claims that he is now claiming that he does not love her and want for her to marry someone else. She cries and asks how he can say this. She recalls Rhea and then Ranbir’s remarks. Ranbir comes to a complete stop. Prachi’s hand is still on her face. Sid peers out the window at them. Ranbir visits Prachi. Prachi claims you’re drunk once more. Ranbir claims he drank happily. Prachi warns you to stay away from her. Ranbir inquires, “Why?” Prachi claims that if you stay, your alcohol will speak instead of you, which is why I don’t want to talk to you.

Ranbir is distressed and calls her. Prachi becomes concerned and inquires as to what transpired. Sid cries as he looks out the window at them, wondering how much they love and care for each other and how I have come between them. Ranbir begs Prachi to accompany him and questions why she is concerned about his discomfort. She requests three words of apologies from him and inquires as to what happened to him. Ranbir claims he sustained the injuries. Prachi brings out his car’s first-aid kit and applies ointment to his hand. Tera mera jaane plays… She rubs ointment into his hand. Ranbir gives her a look.

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