Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2022 episode written update

A scene from Kumkum Bhagya serial

The episode begins with Prachi thinking on what Ranbir said Sid. Pallavi enters and tells Prachi that this is for her. She claims Sid’s parents perished in an accident and that if his mother had been alive, she would have given you this. She warns you that what she is about to say may make you feel horrible. She claims to be a woman who, prior to becoming Vikram’s wife and Ranbir’s mother, wishes for the betterment of all.

She says I used to hate you a lot, but now I don’t because you’re pregnant. She says, “I’m still furious with you because you didn’t perform any tasks, and you have the burden of carrying on the family legacy.” She says your mother isn’t here, that she wants this child to have both parents’ love, and that she hopes you understand what she’s saying. Prachi shakes her head. Pallavi returns to her and tells her not to make any drama till the engagement, and that if she does, she would do what is best for the family. She requests that she agree not to do anything. Prachi says, “I swear.” Pallavi is leaving.

Prachi sits in her room, broken, crying. Ranbir appears and forces her to stand. He asks why you’re sobbing if it’s because of me. He says he asked you to marry Sid and that he doesn’t want you to marry anyone else. He continues, “Forget what I told you, ask her to pack her luggage, and we’ll depart from here.” Someone then pours kerosene oil over Ranbir. Prachi instructs Ranbir to quickly remove his t-shirt. Someone tosses a matchstick on Ranbir as he is preparing to remove his T-shirt. Prachi interprets this as a message that if they get together, something bad will happen to Ranbir. She thinks she will not let anything happen to him.

She comes to the kitchen looking for him and finds him there. Ranbir asks whether you are looking for something. Prachi is taken aback when she sees him igniting the matchstick. Ranbir keeps the match stick on the burner, and it begins to burn. Prachi exerts pressure on Ranbir. Ranbir pushes open the door and motions for Prachi to step aside. They attempt to start the fire. They check in with each other to see if they are okay. Ranbir assures me that I am OK. He inquires as to how you were aware of this. Prachi claims she experienced the dream, in which someone wanted to harm them and she saw him burn. She tears as she hugs him.

Ranbir breaks the hug and remarks that sometimes even terrible dreams come true. He enters his room and sobs. A sad music is playing…. Ranbir wonders why I couldn’t accomplish anything, why I had no power, why my hands are full but still empty. When I know Prachi will not marry Sid if I tell her, he responds, why don’t I stop her? He remembers the vow he made to her. He believes that whatever he did for his unborn child.

Aaliya enters Pallavi’s room and begins praising her, claiming she is wonderful. Pallavi says she understands why you’ve come here to talk about Sid. Sid examines Mihika’s photograph. Pallavi says she understands what you’re saying about Sid and Prachi, and that she has accepted Prachi. To be honest, when I found out Prachi was pregnant with Ranbir’s child, I was overjoyed. She claims that I began accepting her but didn’t tell you since I didn’t want Rhea to react. She adds she has no idea why she is pleased, and when she found out Prachi is pregnant with his child, she believed Ranbir had the perfect family. She says after receiving this news, she accepted Prachi. Sid can hear them. Pallavi claims, “When I found out Prachi was pregnant with Sid’s child, I started disliking her even more than before.” Aaliya believes this occurred because you are a nice mother. Pallavi requests that she not tell Rhea. Okay, says Aaliya. Pallavi insists that the marriage take place as soon as possible so that Prachi is permanently removed from Ranbir’s life. Sid becomes depressed and emotional.

Prachi recalls Ranbir giving her a saree, and a Facebook photo is shown. Ranbir requests that she wear it. Prachi claims I dress simply. Ranbir responds, “I completely think that simplicity is best for you.” He asks her to check that the saree looks beautiful on her and says, “Let me be on you.” He claims Devi stepped in front of him. Prachi requests a trishul so that she can kill the devil. After Facebook, Ranbir approaches Prachi and forces her to sit. He requires her to wear the earrings. Prachi looks at him with teary eyes.

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