Ram Charan surprised his niece by visiting the school where she is studying

Ram charan with school children

Ram CharanĀ is now preoccupied with the filming of his upcoming film, RC15. He has, however, been spending time with his sisters Sreeja and Sushmitha in between shoots. Recently, the actor surprised his niece by paying a surprise visit to her Mumbai school. The same video has since become very popular.

Watch the video from here:

Sankharavam, a YouTube channel, posted the now-viral video on the site, which has captured the attention of netizens. Ram engages in a brief conversation with the students in the video. Ram’s young admirers gathered around him to listen to the superstar speak. Their beaming smiles revealed their bubbling joy at meeting such a well-known star.

According to sources, the Acharya actor talked to the youngsters about some of his previous school memories. Photographs of Ram were taken by the teachers and students who had gathered in the classroom. By the end of the video, a group of enthusiastic spectators could be heard applauding the actor.

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