Turkish singer Melek Mosso cut her hair onstage during a show

Melek Mosso
Screen grab from the video shared on Twitter by (@Omid_M)

To show her support for the thousands of Iranian women who are calling for justice in the killing of Mahsa Amini, Turkish artist Melek Mosso chopped off her hair live on stage during a performance.

As Melek Mosso cut her hair on stage, the audience applauded her for her act of protest. Omid Memarian and Sima Sabet, two Iranian journalists, shared the footage, which quickly became popular online.

Melek Mosso is well-known for her activism, and the singer hasn’t shied away from advocating for women’s rights in Arab nations in the past too. She once had to leave the stage after objecting to the acquittal of a Turkish policeman who had been found guilty of rape.

In addition, the Isparta Municipality prohibited her from attending the Isparta International Gul Festival because of her support for women’s rights.

Mahsa Amini’s cousin told the news agency AFP that before she ended up in the hospital and claimed she was hit in front of her family, the police had promised to take her in to “instil the rules in her and educate her how to wear the hijab and how to dress.”

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