Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st September 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Mahima being angry and criticising Abhi. She claims that I do not want to stay in this place. Manjiri stops her and warns her that she will be hurt. Neil claims that we all adore Anisha. Mahima objects. Please, Manjiri, don’t say this. Anand claims that we have been looking for Kairav for a year and that whenever we discover him, we give him time to flee; Anisha was our daughter. Manjiri claims to be my daughter as well. Parth suggests that we arrest Akshu and Kairav. Shefali believes that we should punish them.Manjiri is experiencing chest ache. Abhi requests that Neil go get some water. Manjiri replies, “I don’t want anything, Abhi, just go and get Akshu here, I’m OK, if this family doesn’t receive the answers, if Anisha doesn’t get justice, then nothing will be fine, I would die if this family shatters, I’m fine, just go, choice will be taken,” Abhi departs. He claims that a year ago you went without saying anything, but not today.

Akshu removes the microphone. Kunal notices her and turns around. She says our first meeting was similar, the mic fell near your feet, I had to sacrifice my voice, identity, and dream, but today this mix didn’t fall by accident, I threw it, I’ll pick it when I sing for myself, I won’t be afraid of you, you’re in for a surprise now, I won’t sing for Maaya at today’s event. Kunal exclaims, “Akshara!” Dr. Kunal, she exclaims. Abhi says Maaya’s music event finale is today, Akshu will be there, and she needs to come to me today.Akshu says I’m going. He claims I have proof of Kairav’s innocence. She says, “Breaking news, Kairav is safe with me, I knew you weren’t going to let me go after this event, I heard it, you were going to try and keep me as Maaya’s voice always, I had given my voice to Maaya, you were cheating me, I always kept my promise, you never valued it, this is your mistake, not mine, good bye.”

Neil dials Abhi’s number. Abhi inquires about Mum’s well-being; inform her that I have arrived and will pick up Akshu. Kunal says they can call Maaya at any point on stage, but they can’t walk away. “Listen to me, you have to come back,” he says. Maaya is summoned to the stage by a man. Kunal dashes over to Maaya. The timer is visible to Abhi and Akshu. She walks away. She says, “I’m hoping the detective has a copy of the proof because Kunal won’t give it to me.” Abhi enters. Maaya claims that when Akshara betrayed her and fled, her life is finished. When Abhi hears this, he comes to a halt. Maaya is consoled by Kunal. Abhi notices him and remembers his comments. Kunal adds, “I’ll get Akshu back; she needs to come and sing.” Maaya leaves.Abhi grabs Kunal and throws him to the ground. Kunal notices him. Akshu considers hiring a car. Abhi triumphs over Kunal. He says I questioned you about Akshu, you lied, I can’t stand lying, Akshu left me, she’s singing for Maaya here, you’re connected, you’ve split us, how can you. Listen to me, says Kunal. Abhi outperforms him. He inquires, “What did you do with Akshu?” Kunal replies, “I’ll tell you my truth and her truth; I lied to you to rescue my sister; if you knew this, you would not have let Akshu do this; you can’t accept falsehoods, so be brave to hear the truth; she cheated you.”She also cheated me, saying she would perform for Maaya, not for me, but for Kairav, and that she wanted to take him to Mauritius. Akshu has arrived. Kunal says Maaya and I were going to Mauritius, she got fake passports and visas for Kairav and me, she says she loves her brother a lot, she says she will sing for Maaya, I didn’t realise she was using Maaya and me to save her brother, I did a lot, I gave her a place to live, I gave her money, but when her motive was fulfilled, she ran away. She knew that if she didn’t sing for my sister, she would die; only Kairav is important to her; no one else mattered.

Abhi claims it’s a lie. Kunal wonders why she came with me to Mauritius, to save her brother, she isn’t a child, she left you in OT, she didn’t care about you, she wanted to save Kairav. Akshu requests that the man arrange the proof and keep her informed. Abhi recalls Akshu’s remarks. He continues, “Think about it again, if it’s a lie, then…” Neil calls Abhi. Neil claims his mother had a heart attack, and we’re transporting her to the hospital. Abhi is stunned. Manjiri requests for Akshu. He assures her that she will arrive.

The man hands over the pendrive and states, “I had one more copy, and we always keep backups.” Akshu expresses gratitude to her. He says I can’t acquire another backup, so you make another copy. She gives a nod. She walks away. She says she’ll come to you, Abhi. She dashes down the street. She says I’ll meet Abhi first because I have less time. Anand says I’m doing my best, but her condition is deteriorating. Abhi requests that Manjiri pay attention to him. Anand reports that she is drifting into a coma, and Abhi continues the treatment. Akshu collapses. Her phone rings. She returns home. Anand inquires as to how the procedure will be carried out. Abhi thinks we must do. Anand believes the risk will rise. But, as Abhi points out, we must act. Rohan says music therapy always works, Manjiri is assuming Akshu’s name, her name has magic, we’ve seen it. Abhi leaves. Akshu checks the door. She says it’s locked, where has everyone gone, why didn’t Abhi wait for me, I can’t even contact him. Abhi calls her. He requests that you take the call.

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