Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd September 2022 episode written update

A scene from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai serial

The episode begins with Akshu entering Abhi’s room. She says, “I wish I could present this to you personally, but I’m sure there’d be an emergency in the hospital, or my Abhi would have waited for me.” Abhi dials her number. She claims I did not make a copy and that there is no laptop. She puts a remark on his white shirt with a pen. She hangs the blouse and places the proof on it. She claims that when Abhi enters the room, he will notice the message and comprehend everything. She looks at the time and declares that 24 hours have passed. Abhi becomes enraged and declares, “24 hours are over, not today, this is your final opportunity, trust and hope will crumble.” She says my phone is turned off; I need to convince Abhi that I didn’t squander the opportunity. She walks away. Mahima visits Abhi. She claims Manjiri is in a coma. Abhi is taken aback. She claims that Akshu is to blame for this, that she did not show up, that the 24 hour period has expired, that you must act now, and that it is up to you whether you will keep your word or not. Abhi, according to Akshu, I kept my pledge. She walks away. Dadi lights Akhand Jyot and says, “I’m confident Akshu will return as well.” She requests that Kairav perform the aarti. They can hear Akshu sing. They turn to find Akshu approaching. They are all smiling. O Kanha, sings Akshu….

She cries joyfully as she meets them and does the aarti. Abhi sits with Manjiri and thinks about Akshu. Akshu considers Abhi. Everyone grins as they accept the aarti. Dadi says I’ll be celebrating Holi and Diwali. They all embrace Akshu. Aarohi receives the aarti from Akshu. She inquires whether you are pleased to see me. Aarohi responds, “No, you came unexpectedly, and I don’t know how to show my joy.” Akshu embraces her. She claims that I have such proof, and that it will prove Kairav’s innocence. They are all smiling. Aarohi exclaims, “Wow, what did you discover?” Everything will be alright, says Akshu.

Dadi says, I knew Akshu would be happy. Kairav expresses gratitude to Akshu. Manish says we were worried about you and wondered where you were. Kairav says he can’t say anything because Dadi says yes. Akshu adds, “Wait a minute, I’ll tell you everything,” adding, “I’m waiting for the appropriate time.” We will wait, according to Dadi. Akshu expresses gratitude to her. Dadi predicts Ratjagga for today. Everything will be alright, says Akshu, because I left the proof of your innocence with Abhi. Aarohi observes. Abhi requests that Neil accompany Manjiri. He says, “I’ll go collect Rudraksh, I have important things to complete, stay here.” He leaves. Akshu dials Abhi’s number. She sends him a message. Aarohi believes Kairav returned home, and now Akshu has arrived; do I inform Mahima?

Abhi will arrive shortly. Please call me, Akshu thinks, I’m waiting. Parth wishes Manjiri a speedy recovery. Abhi returns home. Parth and Mahima notice him. Abhi climbs the stairs. Akshu says, “I know you’ll call me first when you get the proof, and I’ll be waiting.” Abhi walks into the room. He sends an audio message to Akshu… I’m on my way to meet you. When Akshu promises he’ll be there, my wait will be ended. She dances happily. Manish inquires about what happened. She said my Abhi is on his way. Kairav wonders why he’s come here. Yes, Akshu says, he is coming with our joy, dance with me. They are all dancing. Akshu thinks I look silly and that I should prepare. Abhi answers all of the questions, and the wait is gone. He leaves his house. Akshu prepares himself. Hamari banno pyari…plays…

Abhi will arrive shortly. Akshu uses sindoor and dresses in mangalsutra. Abhi rides his bike around the house. Akshu notices him and rushes over to him. She sobs and embraces him. Abhi is holding her. He notices Kairav and everyone approaching. They say the reporters are on their way. According to Abhi, the truth always comes out. He appreciates their quick response. He claims that the proof of the truth of someone’s life and death has come out today. Akshu smiles and gestures to Kairav. According to Abhi, Kairav damaged Anisha’s life by killing her when he couldn’t find serenity. Everyone is taken aback. Akshu exclaims, “Abhi!”

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