Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd September 2022 episode written update

A scene from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

The episode begins with Abhi stating that Kairav created a fake passport and visa and escaped to Mauritius, then returned to hide, he is a criminal, he has been running away until now, he killed my sister, and he will be arrested today. Akshu requests that he stop talking. He says, “No, I’m not going to stop.” Mere Mehboob performs… He claims that no one can stop him today. She inquires as to why you did this. Kairav is terrified and clutches his chest. Abhi yells for the inspector. The police arrive. Abhi rides away on his bike. Abhimanyu, says Akshu…..

Let the police do their job, says the inspector. She claims Kairav is innocent and that he cannot be imprisoned. Kairav claims they will apprehend me again. He bolts. Suwarna requests that he not run. Kairav is apprehended by Inspector. Manish requests that he not touch Kairav. Kairav, according to Dadi, accomplished nothing. The inspector says the court will decide, and charges have been filed against you as well, because you have hidden a criminal and a murderer from the police. He requests that the constable arrest Manish as well. Akhilesh says we’ll chat afterwards. Akshu is taken aback.

Abhi returns home. He is curled up in Mahima’s lap. He continues, “I kept my promise to you; I gave you the gift you wanted for Anisha’s birthday; Anisha received justice; happy birthday.” Anand sobs. This, according to Akshu, is incorrect. Vansh requests that Kairav and Manish be released on bail. Akshu departs. Abhi informs me that I must visit my mother. Anand has indicated that we will also attend. Akshu appears and yells, “Abhimanyu!”

She questions what you did, how could you, what happened to you, you could have told me, I made the proof reach you. He inquires about the proof. She says I came home and you weren’t there; you should have phoned me and asked why I didn’t come; if you didn’t trust me, why did you take this major step and give me 24 hours? Mahima is correct; Abhi should have done this earlier. Akshu claims I came to talk to him. Mahima chastises her. Try to understand, Akshu, why would I call Kairav downstairs if I had to hide him. Mahima believes it was your arrogance. Anand requests that Akshu show him the proof. Akshu says I left the proof… Mahima honks the automobile horn and summons them. They all get into the car and drive away. Akshu yells at Abhi. Abhi will arrive shortly. He requests that Parth stop the car.

He tells Mahima that he will accompany her to the hospital. She believes he is returning to Akshu. Abhi returns home. He goes through his room. He asks where the proof is. He becomes enraged and flees. Parth wonders if whatever you did with the proof was correct. Mahima recalls walking into Abhi’s room and discovering the note. She looks at the video on her phone. Parth enters and inquires, “What is this?” It is apparent that Kairav is innocent; he did not force Anisha; I will contact Abhi. Mahima claims he did not push Anisha, yet he is to blame; I lost Anisha, I feel loneliness in my heart, and I will never forgive him.He claims that I would not forgive him, yet it is not right that Abhi and Akshu are free. She says believe me, it’s better if she stays away, no evidence can cure my sorrow, therefore I’m going to stop all the proof, I’m going to keep these proofs, we didn’t obtain any proof, okay. Facebook is shutting down.

Parth asks Mahima to reconsider. She claims I have thought a lot, but nothing more. Akshu returns home. Dadi and Vansh inquire about the evidence. Dadi claims that once we show the proof to the police, everything would be great. Aarohi questions why Abhi did this, where is the evidence, and how they can see it. Akshu claims that he put it in Abhi’s room since time was short and he neglected to make a copy. Suwarna inquires as to its whereabouts. Akshu claims that because I kept it there, I now have nothing. Aarohi chastises her.

She claims that it is your fault that I lost my mother as a result of your carefree attitude. Aarohi, not now, says Akshu. Aarohi claims Kairav and Manish have been detained; what now? Abhi sobs and speaks to Manjiri. He says, “I’m not sure what’s going on, I miss you, I don’t know what to do.” He receives messages. He watches the video. Anand claims that Anisha finally received justice after a year. Harsh confirms that she will receive tranquilly. Neil believes that the troubles between the family will worsen. In a coffee mug, Harsh requests that you refrain from using drugs. Anand claims that my grief will not fade.

Harsh asks that you promise to try to stop it. Anand cracks a joke. It is not suitable for you, according to Harsh. Anand says he would try, but it will be difficult because he has lost a daughter. Manish has also been arrested, according to Abhi. Harsh claims to have seen it on the news. Abhi claims it is not his fault. Neil responds, “Why should he suffer?” Mahima claims that they should have all been arrested, that they made a mistake, and that they will be punished. Let them handle it, says Harsh. Nothing good should happen to them, according to Anand. Abhi departs.

Abhi sees Manish and his picture. Akshu sees the same photo and sobs. She questions why you did this, Abhi. He claims that sometimes we think one thing and then something other happens. She claims it is not Kairav and Manish’s fault, and she has provided proof to you. He claims I trusted you, but I have no proof. She claims you were not always like way. He claims I’ve changed. She claims Kairav and Manish are not to blame. He claims, “I know this should not have happened with Manish.”

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