Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th September 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Akshu saying, I was alone there, you didn’t ask me how I got there, you’re upset, and I’m not going to stop. Acha sila diya, he sings… She says your tune is wrong, listen to me, you could have called me and asked why we couldn’t meet, no, why, you gave me time, but not your time, you didn’t ask how I slept, did I cry every day, how many times I felt sick and how I got by without you, you didn’t scold me for cutting my hair short, you could have asked once, you didn’t see anything once, what about me? She uses Shiv-Sati, Ram and Sita, and Radha and Krishna as examples. She asks where am I in our relation. He asks where are you, tell me, I also want to know this, tell me about your pain, sacrifice, you gave big examples, I was here and I m here, where were you, tell me, Shiv ji did tandav, I also did tandav, Parvati ji did Tapp, what did you go, I got arrested Kairav by listening to my family like Ram ji, what Agni pariksha did you give like Sita ji, Radha and Krishna were not married, but they are always together, I m here, where am I, you left me for your sister first and now for your brother, tell me, just leave now.

Dadi comes and says I will say. She stops Akshu. She says Akshu did the tapp and also sacrifice, she did a lot. Harsh asks what great thing did she go. Dadi says she did this to make Abhi become a surgeon again, she has mortgaged her everything for a year for Abhi’s sake, isn’t this a sacrifice, Dr. Kunal kept this condition in front of Akshu when Abhi’s operation was going on, he asked her to sing for Maaya and come with them to Mauritius to stay for a year, he kept the condition that she won’t say this to Abhi and leave before Abhi gets conscious, Akshu refused, but Kunal asked her to come for Abhi’s sake, she had to leave, She took Kairav with her, but the reason was Abhi, true love is sacrifice, Akshu has sacrificed everything for Abhi’s sake, she has suffered for a year, she was away from family, is this not a sacrifice, you didn’t listen to her, I don’t want to call you a son in law today. She invites Akshu to join her. Abhi intervenes. He interprets this to indicate that Akshu ruined our lives by thinking about this hand; she killed me to save this hand; a person can live without a hand, but not without a heart; she crushed my heart. He claims that if the surgery had not occurred, I would have been in pain, but I would have been alive with Akshu, but you have fled,who asked you to make a sacrifice, I told you I don’t like it, my life’s two imp people, my mum and you, I have seen my mum sacrificing her happiness for others, I told you to not become like her in this matter, I told you when you left me for Aarohi’s sake, no sacrifice was our rule, sacrifice is the purest form of love, but tell me, how is this useful when the lover’s happiness and wish isn’t there, you came first in the sacrifice competition, congrats, you have become great, but I got empty, Your sacrifice is meaningless; you didn’t do it for me; you want to be excellent in every scenario; it’s your problem; you’re selfish; this isn’t love; it’s a mistake. Akshu yells, “Don’t call my love a mistake!” She chastises him. They are at odds. Socha, kya tha… plays.. Akshu departs. Dadi also departs. I knew it, Mahima says, she’ll do a big drama today. Harsh goes to get water for Abhi.

Suwarna claims that we all believe in true love because of you, Akshu. Neil claims that if I don’t say anything, I will do wrong; you accepted a lot since it was love, and what she did was also love. Akhilesh wonders how he can do this. Aarohi questions Kunal, saying, How can you keep such a condition, you become ignorant when you make a sacrifice? Akshu describes myself as such. Dadi chastises Aarohi.

Akshu claims that I did everything for love. Suwarna feels Abhi must understand. They won’t comprehend, says Akshu. According to Harsh, we don’t know why relationships break down, we forget to cherish them, and decisions should be ours. Abhi replies I don’t need your special relationship classes, so please leave me alone. Harsh claims that what Manjiri did was difficult for everyone, and that even Akshu accomplished something significant.

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