Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th September 2022 episode written update

a scene from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

The episode begins with Mahima arguing with Harsh. Akhilesh said they don’t value anyone, Abhi may say whatever he wants in rage, someone older should explain it to him, and Manish and Kairav are in jail. Anand believes her family should explain why she left Abhi; both of them should have made the decision. Shefali claims she made a significant sacrifice; doing so requires bravery, but who does these days? Neil defines love as an emotion. She claims that it is complicated. Vansh says Abhi needs to recognise his error and would come to apologise.

Akhilesh says yes, if he has any sense. I didn’t do this to hear his apology or appreciation, and I don’t want to communicate anymore, adds Akshu. Abhi agrees with him. They both cry in their chambers. They view their photograph. They both agree that we are correct in our position. Shefali wonders who does this in love, Akshu made a major sacrifice, she didn’t say it herself, this doesn’t happen in regular love tales, Abhi and Akshu’s story is forever type, the day they get together, their love story will become classic. Parth departs. Neil dials Akshu’s number.

He says, You’ve done a big thing, I’m really happy of you, you’re my rockstar, I feel proud, Abhi is Ram for me, and you’re Sita for me, I’m your Laxman, I want to adore you. She expresses gratitude to him. He tells Abhi to get ready and return home; when his fury subsides, he will realise your love and sacrifice, and I will come to take you up. She says, It’s enough, whatever you told me now, don’t get upset, since my relationship with Abhi comes first; if Abhi doesn’t want me to come there, I won’t; it’s about my love’s respect, and I can’t compromise with it. He says, OK, I understand, and I greatly appreciate you.

She expresses gratitude to him. He asks her to be cautious. She sobs. Dadi says we’re all rooting for you since you’ve demonstrated the definition of true love. Suwarna confirms that your love value will not decrease. Akshu is blessed by Akhilesh. Dadi says that we are all proud of you. It’s early in the morning, and Abhi is chopping veggies. Parth observes. Abhi’s finger is slashed. Shefali inquires of Parth, who appears to be disoriented since yesterday. He claims I’m fine. She claims that we will always have a basic understanding, and that whatever occurred to Abhi and Akshu should not happen to us. He inquires as to why you are remarking on them. She believes that trust is essential in relationships. He notices Mahima. When he gets the proof, he plans to talk to Abhi. Everyone is concerned about Manish and Kairav. Akshu begs Akhilesh not to be tense. She adds I’ll also come meet with the lawyer since we shouldn’t accept loss until we lose. Definitely, he says. They depart. Abhi sobs and sits with Manjiri. He says, “Come back, I’m not understanding anything.” Parth calls him and urges him to hurry home. Abhi says I’ll come when mum gets her reports. Parth promises to tell you everything once you arrive. He looks at the documentation in his palm and apologises to his mother, saying, “I can’t do injustice to Abhi in order to do justice to my sister.” Akhilesh notices Anand drinking before leaving for surgery. He becomes enraged and pursues Anand. Vansh follows him. Akshu looks around and wonders where they went. Akhilesh claims that Manish and Kairav are in jail, that we are suffering as a result of the Birlas, that I will get them online, and that he would not leave them today.

Vansh suggests that we sit and talk. Harsh goes out and buys flowers for Manjiri. Abhi claims that her mother is allergic to these flowers. Harsh claims she adores these flowers, but because I am allergic to them, she has ceased bringing them home. You don’t have to do this, according to Abhi. Harsh responds that you didn’t have to say anything to Akshu, and that I will definitely meet Manjiri. Akhilesh searches for Anand. Vansh receives Akshu’s call. He says we’re in Birla Hospital, and Akhilesh is furious. Akhilesh apprehends Anand and chastises him. Akshu appears. She tells me I need to go inside to stop Akhilesh.

Harsh asks, What is going on? Please control yourself. He notices Anand is inebriated. Akhilesh claims that I will ruin you all. Control yourself, advises Harsh. Akshu apologises profusely. Abhi walks away, saying she doesn’t know what Parth wants to talk about. Akhilesh claims Anand is inebriated and was planning to do surgery. Akshu simply requests that he come. Aarohi believes it’s a good thing they didn’t notice me. A man has a disagreement with Harsh and Anand. Harsh believes you are not in a fit state to have surgery. A man hurls something in Anand’s direction. Harsh tries to appease the enraged mob. Aarohi requests that the girl provide him the footage. She thinks, sorry, Akhilesh was involved, but I have to use this video for myself, because the entire family always talks about Akshu. Mahima asks what video Aarohi sent her. She inquires of Parth, “Did you steal the proof from my room?” He apologises, saying, “I can’t keep quiet.” Abhi is irritated, so he doesn’t comprehend Akshu. Abhi, according to Mahima, has a problem with her sacrifice. Parth claims I will not remain silent till I get proof. Abhi returns home. He inquires as to what transpired, noting that you appeared concerned.

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