Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th September 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Harsh and Neil bringing Anand home. Abhi inquires as to what transpired and who was responsible. They force water on Anand. Harsh tells it everything. They are all taken aback. Harsh claims that he was inebriated, yet this is accurate. Abhi wonders how he can achieve this. Mahima inquires as to why you did not save him. Harsh claims I saved him, and I’m speaking the truth. They are at odds. Abhi describes you as his Guru; everyone looks up to you and you inspire us. He cries and says, “I can’t see you failing like this, where are the fundamentals, you had surgery after drinking alcohol, why?” Mahima believes it’s not a big deal because it happened due of Goenkas. According to Abhi, we offered them a cause to do this, which is incorrect. The phone falls to the ground. They had all seen the video. They are taken aback. She requests that Parth investigate what is going on with his father as a result of Goenkas. She urges Abhi to look, it’s because of Goenkas, Anand has tolerated this in front of the crew, he’ll succeed even if he’s intoxicated.

Abhi adds, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not right. She asks him to look at him, he’s so stressed, what’s the big problem, this happened because of Akshara and Akhilesh, this hit is on us and our reputation. Neil says, “Stop watching the video; I’ve got the problem under control.” According to Abhi, we cannot excuse our errors. Parth yells, “Enough, Abhi, you can’t feel Anand’s suffering, don’t question him, all of this happened because of Goenkas, whatever happened with Akshu, they’ve given us this answer.” According to Abhi, they did not do this on purpose. Parth claims you fought them yesterday and are now acting fantastic when it comes to Anand.

Abhi claims it has no connection with yesterday’s incident. Parth suggests that you quit instructing us. Dadi requests that Akhilesh stop it. When we give them wounds, our wounds would not heal, according to Akshu, and it was wrong to make a drama. Akhilesh is explained by Dadi and everyone else. Aarohi arrives. Akhilesh claims that you always comprehend everyone’s emotions and situation, that being more reasonable is a weakness, and that Abhi expelled you and your emotions. Suwarna claims that there will be no distinction between them and us. We can’t afford to waste any more time on this, according to Akshu. He says I did the right thing and that I will do it again if given the chance. They are concerned. He says I have to save Kairav and Manish, and I agree with him. When there is a lot of noise around, Dadi asks Akshu to listen to her heart. She walks away. Akshu begins to think.

She calls someone and apologises, saying, I’m sorry, this happened wrong, this will not happen again, and I don’t want to talk to him. Neil is on the phone with her. She notices Anand. She claims I merely called to apologise and notify everyone. Parth requests that Mahima accept Anand. Anand says no, take my picture and frame it so I may remember this gift from Goenkas. Neil apologises, saying, “Whatever happened was wrong, and it will not happen again,” as Akshu requested. Mahima asks, “Did she call?” She wishes to appear impressive. Parth invites them to join him. Abhi departs. Harsh instructs Neil to accompany Abhi and look after him. Akshu has arrived. She claims I’m looking for proof of Kairav’s innocence. She notices an automobile and says, “Abhi…” She goes to inspect the vehicle. She says Abhi’s phone and headphones are here, which shows he was here. She turns around and sees him. Hum kahan….plays…. She is injured.

Abhi tries to help. She walks away without saying anything. Neil observes and remarks, “They’re both stubborn; they won’t talk to each other.” Abhi and Akshu go in opposite directions. Neil advises not going so far as to get separated. Manish and Akshu meet. She embraces him. He tells you about a dream he had the night before. They had an emotional discussion. She sobs. He inquires as to what is going on in your heart. She says, “I don’t understand, I sense time moving, then everything stops, my heart is going away to where I don’t know.”

Manish claims that in order to avoid losing everything, we must always find the right thing to do at the right time. He advises that we should always pay attention to the time, walk and stop when it is appropriate, and get this in order. Manish claims that we frequently make mistakes because we want to take everyone along and listen to everyone, but that we should instead just let it be, what’s yours is going to come back, and the person who doesn’t is ours. She responds, “Thank you; I’m sorry I can’t promise, but I’ll try. Your bond hearing is in two days; hopefully, it will be your last day here.” He hugs her.

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