Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th September 2022 episode written update

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The episode begins with Parth watching the video. He warns Akhilesh by text message. Akhilesh claims you are threatening me; just wait and see what I do. Rohan informs Abhi. Abhi promises to see mum and come. Mahima receives a message. Abhi speaks with the officers. The officer inquires about the hospital protocols with Abhi. He claims that we will close this hospital till the investigation is completed. Please don’t do this, says Abhi. Akshu watches the video and checks the latest news. According to Akhilesh, the video became viral. Mahima claims the video has gone viral; I’m not sure what will happen if I tell them. Abhi attempts to persuade the police.

The man claims that we are here to review this hospital. I can explain, says Abhi. The man states that until the investigation is completed, the hospital will be under my investigation team; do not disrupt, stop, or leave this facility. Abhi claims, “I have patients here, I can’t go, this is my shrine.” The man motions for him to leave. Akshu says, “I have to go to them, I’m coming to save the Birla hospital.” Abhi. She walks away. Take him outside, says the man. Abhi begs him, saying that my mother is here and that she will not accompany her. They force Abhi to leave and close the gate. Open the door, says Abhi, because you’re doing something improper with my mother and patients. Everyone has arrived, even Harsh. They notice Abhi. Akshu’s vehicle breaks down. She complains that I’m always late. She starts the car and drives away.

Harsh and Parth try to find help. Neil arrives with Rohan. Abhi inquires as to who is accompanying Mum. Don’t worry, said Rohan, government doctors are inside. Rohan and his colleagues are concerned about their careers. Abhi embraces Rohan. Harsh assures them that Birla Hospital would take care of them. Mahima claims that everything happened because of Goenkas; is this not retaliation? Parth believes I transmitted the video to Akhilesh in rage; did he do this to get revenge? The man invites them to read the notification; the hospital will be under their authority until an investigation is completed. Abhi sobs. Akshu is unsure how Abhi is dealing with this. She approaches Abhi and consoles him. He wonders what he should do with this hand if he can’t save his family or the hospital. She claims I done nothing wrong. He claims that all of the troubles began with this hand, and that I do not want this hand. He strikes the pillar with his hand. He is stopped by her. She tells me not to take my rage out on myself since we need to focus about the hospital now.

He asks where are we, who are we, you say that I don’t see anything except myself, you don’t see anyone except yourself, your family, where are we, this was the love of my pride, my life, my everything, you were my everything, you were my heartbeat, you disappeared, you could have discussed with me, we would have stayed together, where are we, I m breaking down, I m getting finished. She claims that I, too, broke down as I left for our love, Abhira love. He responds no, if I trust you again and it breaks, the world will lose confidence in love; what would you do in my situation, tell me you have no answer, so stop it? She takes his hand in hers. They remember the events. He receives a call from Mahima. She claims Anand has gone missing. He claims I’ll find him, but what’s the point of love if it stole my family? He leaves.

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